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Changing wizard names

Jan 23, 2019
I could see the confusion that could come with implementing the option of changing your wizard name. You'd see people on your friends list with a different name, which is why it'd be crucial to have an icon on someone's profile if their name has changed, and showing their past name, maybe even temporarily (3ish months so that all recent friends have the opportunity to know). Also shoutout to the reddit community for the icon idea, I sadly can't find the comment to give props to the specific person. Also making the option to be used only once or twice per year or only one time per wizard so the option isn't abused would be a great way to restrict it. This feature would be great to implement, especially for the transgender people in the community who still have to use their dead name on wizards, especially maxed out ones. I've seen a few posts like that and it makes them very upset and unmotivated to play and makes me upset they still have to endure that, it simply isn't fair to them. Granted they could make new wizards, but years of work would go down the drain. I've read this this feature has been looked into but could be very hard to implement due to coding, but it'd be serving your trans community especially and the time it would take to do would end up being very worth it. So with all of that said, please consider this as an option to implement, I think the community would be very happy to see this change. I know I would! <3

Jan 18, 2014
I think the “see past usernames” feature you suggested is counter-productive if we keep trans-folk in mind. The whole point of the name change is to rid the character of anything pertaining to the person’s old gender and into something more affirming.

There’s something I have in mind to prevent abuse of this system; make it cost crowns. Every time you change your character’s name, the price increases until you reach a cap out. That will steer people away from abusing this system.

Nov 27, 2010
I want there to be a user search via wizard name school or global and level min and max so I can locate my old lost friend

Jul 12, 2009
This is a great idea. I also think that "See past usernames is also a fantastic idea as well so people know who you were before so you don't go: "Who the heck is this in my friends list??" I've been wanting this feature for a while but couldnt think of a way KI could do it but the thought of this "See past username" idea, It will work flawlessly.