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Changes I'd like to see

Dec 27, 2011
We're getting new worlds (someday) and new, harder quests. I'd like to have another potion vendor somewhere in the Spiral so we don't have to try to make it to Hilda at the Faire in Wizard City. This would be especially helpful if we need a refill during a tower or gauntlet. Sometimes it is very difficult to hurry through the Commons.
If we could get pet training games in the Crown Shop like we can the mini-games, that would be a big help. Would love to train my pets at home.
Any other ideas?

Jul 31, 2011
I suggested this too before. Like in Avalon on in the next world, like a mid-world port of call have pet trainers and a potion bottle refill vendor. I was shot down many many times.

There are minigames to refill bottles, potion motion does the trick, but does take time. Thus far they are unwilling to add another vendor or two in other worlds.

Jul 11, 2011
maybe a potion that brings back all tarning points without having to travel to mt lincoln?

Jul 25, 2011
well potions would cost like tens of thousands of coins at your level if your at avalon so it takes just as much effort to pay for the thing.