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can't be evil?!?!?

Jul 27, 2012
liluziverrt on Nov 16, 2017 wrote:
i play a death wizard and i wanted to follow in malistaire's footsteps and become evil like him! but why can't i? i understand it may be difficult to create an entirely new storyline but the players would absolutely love it! especially the players that have 2+ maxed out wizards and have done everything in the game. this would be so cool (although you may HAVE to play a death wizard for my idea)

here's my idea:
when malistaire leaves and takes his school, you're given the opportunity to go with him. he takes a select few students (you and a couple npcs) and you go to dragonspyre.

this would be so awesome KI!
This reminds me of those other games where scenarios are given and you're given options on how to continue the storyline.

What if wiz could be like this, too?

Like before we fight malistaire, we have the choice of joining him or fighting him. if he join him we fight Malistaire's brother, but if not we fight him like the original storyline. And maybe at higher levels, or after you're max and evil, you have to fight all the teachers of raven wood or something! I'm probably not the first to conjure up this idea but this would be soooooo thrilling!

aaaaaand there could be PVP for good wizards vs bad! And of course, regular PVP can remain for those who don't care who they fight.

And! when good wizards are fighting mobs to collect things from them in the quest, and a bad wizard is pulled in the bad wizard would fight against the good wizard.... ah thats not as good of an idea and super unlikely to happen but, oh well.

I high key wanna be evil. Not because I'm (still) goth or emo or anything but because I've been playing this game since 2010 and I'm tired of following the exact same storyline. Plus, being evil would come with a lot more fighting rather than making errands and talking to people. We'd be threatening and trashing homes! Of course, the game would still have to be appropriate, but I want this sooooo bad!