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Baxby Quests?

Apr 30, 2009
I had an idea the other day - Quests from Sir General Baxby.

This is what he does: In each world, he sends you to the different street or wherever to defeat EVERY monster and boss there (unless it is one of those *insert here* school only quest bosses) twice. Not just 'defeat X out of 2 wildclaws' but 'defeat x out of 2 Ferocious Wildclaws' 'defeat x out of 2 Diseased Wildclaws' and this would be the idea for ALL of the worlds!

Anyone like it?

Oh, and it would be like the Prospector Zeke quests where you can only get the next quest if you have finished the one for the school beforehand. And you could only start them at intervals of level 5. For example,

Wizard City: Level 5+
Krokotopia: 15+
Marleybone: 25+
MooShu: 35+
Dragonspyre: 45+
Celestia: 55+

You get the idea? This would make it much more challenging (because you would probably have to go back a few streets and defeat things there, and you'd have to defeat Malistaire twice) but you would get incredible amounts of experience, gold, and a training point from it! :D

Also, after you finish Celestia's Baxby Quest, you can go on one that goes through the WHOLE spiral, and you have to defeat one of each monster this time. You get this at level 60, by the way, and get about 10,000 Gold or so, a training point or two, and your grandmaster robe! :D

Obviously the rewards are up for editing, but what about the general idea? Like it?