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Battle Emotes

Apr 17, 2020
The recent update on teleport effects, new dances, etc. gave me an idea. I know a lot of people have made boards on here regarding a change in the way battles occur, and I understand that that would take a lot of time and development, and might take away from what makes Wizard101, W101. However, the idea that I have for you today would help make some minor adjustments that would allow players to customize their battle experience, while still maintaining the original gameplay. So you know how we all stand in the same battle position, with our wizard lunged forward ready for combat. Imagine if you could choose for your wizard to stand tall in battle, like Malistaire for instance, and simply flick your wrist to cast a spell. Or let's say you wanted to stand balanced, like one of the shadow mice from Khrysalis, with their hands in a crossed position, flicking your head forward while you cast a spell. These, and many more, could be options for different "battle emotes" wizards could purchase from the crown shop in order to make their battles more personalized, while not having to change the overall battle sequence. I personally know I have always wished I could switch up the way my character stood in battle, instead of just the default lunge. I hope the developers will take this into consideration, and please leave below other ideas for how our wizards could stand/cast spells in battle!

-Andrew Thorn
Level 128