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Balance Club

Apr 11, 2009
All who are Balance and are homeless, speak now and recieve a home. As you know, Balance is a school without a real purpose, as i mean it isnt like the other six schools. Every other school is allowed in! Our meeting tower is in Krokosphinx, in the Balance school. If you cant go in just add people as friends and teleport. All levels and all schools allowed! Join Now! Duncan DragonMancer, Master of Balance level 43.

Apr 30, 2009
Good idea i am almost at krokosphinx could i join i am balance lv 16 just made him

Jan 31, 2009
hi my name is oran lion weilder in wizard 101 and i think that is a good idea but we need to know what server and server number i am a level 26 and i think its a good idea oh and ill post comments on other boards about new worlds i suggest. well bye! :oh and i am thinking bout addiing a club to ok well bye

Oct 19, 2008
Balance is awesome (just like myth)! :D But it doesnt get as much credit and it doesn't have a purpose like the other schools..... But still IT'S AWESOME!!!! :D
ElizabethMythGem *lvl 30 conjurer*
Elizabeth *lvl 10 sorcerer* for now ;D

May 27, 2009
Balance is a great school. The bad part is that it focus is mostly on the elements and not on the spirit side. So if your going to be Balance student then make sure that you dabble in myth, death, and life as back-ups.

Dec 11, 2008
I'm glad my best character is Balance, because it isn't like the other six schools! At first, I was sort of mad about that, but now that i'm a level 50, I have mastered all of balance, and i'm happy i chose it!

Strategy, Strength, and Wisdom...
Garrett, Grandmaster Sorcerer

Feb 14, 2009
Hi! I am a Magus Sorcerer. I am level 32. I just got Judgement. Did you know that you can get the Omnibus without having to fight the McTavish Brothers? You have just got to go to Big Ben and keep on fighting until you get to this box and you open it and there the Omnibus is! I would really like to join this club because I did not know there was a Balance Club. I would like to know what realm? Also what area? Area 1? Area 2? My second school is Death and when I master that I will hopefully start Ice or Storm.

See ya in the Spiral!
Chase WillowWeaver