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Backtrack on Malistare!

Nov 08, 2009
In the game they mention that Malistare was once an "inspiring professor", until Sylvia Drake got sick and died. What if you could go back in time, when she was alive, Malistare wasn't evil and the Death school wasn't in Nightside?

You go back to warn Malistare that his wife is gonna get sick and he's gonna turn evil and... tell him everything! He laughs at the message, then asks you to supervise young Malorn Ashtorn's poison spell. He's doing it perfectly, until you step in to "correct" him, which ruins the spell and winds up infecting Sylvia with an illnes that "not even the Greatest Life wizard" could cure.
So you were pretty much the cause of Malistare's madness.



Could that have gone differently, or could there be a different time travel scene other than Grand Chasm?

Jun 09, 2009
Similar to Zeno's Paradox. Let's say there is an army, and a warrior sees and archer firing an arrow at him from 20m, he starts to run away, the arrow can only travel 100m. The warrioir runs 10m, and the arrow travels 9m, then the warrior runs 1m and the arrow flies .9m, the distance thing would keep getting smaller and smaller, yet the warrior will never get away, nor will the arrow hit him.

Jul 08, 2009
Interesting,interesting....of course, it WOULD make the players feel slightly guilty, as if it's their fault that the Spiral (and Malistaire) are suffering.

Sep 21, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
my version...

Ambrose tells you to go back and warn Malistare to stop. He says you will know what when ready.

You go back and he is using magic to talk to Sylvia's ghost.

You tell him to stop, as a warning from the future.

He disagrees and you, out of anger, smash his wand, and he yells at you.

He tells you to leave, and then, outside, he flys above the Death School, zaps the school, and as the school falls, he zaps you and you are in battle with four monsters.

1: Malistare's Anger

2: Malistare's Regrets

3: Malistare's Hate

4: Malistare's Grief

Each has 1,000 HP. Sort of weak sounding, but there are 4 of them.

After you defeat them, a image of Ambrose appears, telling you to enter Bartleby and return to the Present.

You enter a portal in Bartleby, and you return to the Commons

You tell Ambrose what happened and he tells you Malistare always talked to Sylvia using a secret power of his wand.

He sends you on a quest to do what you said, and then a third, and you come back and a new villian starts a new chain of worlds!