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Aquila Gladiator and Cronus separate sigils

Dec 05, 2011
For the past few days, have been unsuccessfully trying to get Tartarus off my questline. Seeing as how no one is willing to do the dungeon and only Cronus, this is extremely frustrating and annoying to me. Is there a reason that KI can't put sigils for these bosses elsewhere?

Aug 28, 2009
That would be a super good idea! I have a max storm if you'd like to run with me :D I have "watch topic for replies" option on but idk if it will alert me. Just lmk if you want a Tartarus run :)

Nov 22, 2008
I think having these bosses within the dungeons in valuable, but I wish KI would have separate TeamUp! queues for them.

It would be REALLY nice if we could have a checkbox for "Bonus Boss" or "Hidden Boss" or whatever that we can hit to find a group of people interested. This would also make it easier to get groups to farm Aphrodite 2 or even lower level wizards farming side bosses in dungeons (Marleybone comes to mind).