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Appealing Balance home

Nov 14, 2010
Can you guys at KI make a appealing balance house.I think it is really unfair that all the other schools get this cool feature with there house.When all the balance home gets is a waterfall you cant touch,a giant head sticking out the top with wings,a dry first look,the real estate agent even said "This isnt one of our top sellers".Well you know why it is unappealing.To a Balance wizard this is really offending

Jul 27, 2009
gee i guess it time to call the pros at HGTV to come and add some curb appeal and to redesign the space....

really the house has some qualities other dont but you need to look to see them
one person actually did wonders with the how with plants and using some panels to divide rooms and the such

just play with the decor change wall covering and floor coverings

you will discover a whole new living space

Jul 31, 2008
It not a good idea that the house seller is the first one to suggest that you don't buy...

Feb 09, 2009
I thought the Balance mansion was the coolest, most interesting house available. I guess that's just my opinion though; the only reason I didn't buy it was because I didn't have crowns and by the time I got crowns, I already had an apartment in Marleybone.