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An offline mode

Feb 19, 2009
My computer has wireless internet connection and i'm sure that i'm not the only person with the problem of losing connection. Because of this I thought that you could add an offline or a solo mode where internet connection is not required. Just a thought.

Jul 18, 2009
that'd be awesome!!!
I also have a wireless internet laptop, and I lose connection about every 30 minutes (so annoying).
Most of the time my friends aren't on and I don't interact with any other players, yet the connection loses constantly; it would be good to have an offline mode so I don't suffer through constant connection losses when I don't even benifit off the online mode.
That would be awesome, yes, but i don't believe KI will do it, or at least not soon, meaning in the next 4 months ,what with the development of Celestia, the three new schools, and the new pet system.

Feb 14, 2009
It's a good idea but this will prvoke hackers sense it isnt a multiplayer game anymore, they make a new account, new wizards, hack for cornws and gold, hack lvl, spells, and quest. own every spell, even school only. Return the date to multiplayer and
A. the whole game will crash
B. you'd be in trouble in pvp if it didnt

May 31, 2009
Here is my 2 cents worth, I think on off line version would be cool. Your in "school" so some practical lessons would be great,by this I mean trying out different spells against golems and npc students. I realize I am not suggesting we be able to finish our quest off line, I am suggesting some form of practice or side quest where we can play. we do not need to earn experience or even gold just going out a clobbering monsters or npc (make the npc really hard) would be fun.

not the greatest suggestion, but practical from wizards point of view.

Feb 22, 2009
That is a good idea, but you guys are forgetting the technology behind it. We need the internet to update our characters and our worlds and a solo mode would be alright, but offline is literally impossible.