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A world beyond.

Dec 17, 2011
This is an idea for a new world. Well, more of a side world. Now at this point in the game everyone who has beat Khrysalis has probably also beat Tartarus. Well this world quest would start at level 100. You would be called back, noy by Merle or a wizard. But by Hades, he would explain that after the death of Morganthe something sinister awoke in Tartarus and has taken over Mount Olympus. So once again, you would have to prove your skill by rescuing the captured Olympian Gods. It could either be added as a dungeon in Aquila or a separate world. It doesnt really matter. But it would be fun and challenging. Testing the skills and wits of everything. The final boss is kind of a crazy idea. A cloud of black smoke that transforms into a hooded sinister figure upon entering the battle state. And this is the crazy part i was talking about earlier. He will have 50% resist to all attacks except shadow magic. Like I said, this would test skills. Let me know what you think.