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A stormridden world.

May 08, 2011
  • In each area there are extreme climates that greatly disrupt the locals' everyday lives due to the Frost Giants fighting up above.
  • Climates (one climate per area) : blizzard, heat, chilling cold with leaves flying around, thunder/lighting storms, rain and flood.
  • there is one area that is centered around Frost Spirits. This area has a moderate, sunny atmosphere with snow lightly coating the ground, and is swarmed mostly with Conflicted Spirits (enemies). These spirits are troubled because their masters, the frost giants, are at war; so they attack people they used to be at peace with, including wizards.
  • Headmaster Ambrose will send wizards at a certain, fairly-high level to this place and will tell them to contact the Spirit Pixie. She will beg for help and that the wizard defeat some conflicted spirits and send the spirits to their masters to tell them to stop fighting. After several quests the raging weather still continues so the Spirit Pixie uses her magic to send the wizard to the home of the Frost Giants themselves. There, the player will negotiate with them and have to fight them for them to agree to stop their fighting.
  • The Spirit Pixie's magic depends on the behavior of the other spirits, so she's wilting little by little as the conflicted spirits attack. This is why she is so desperate for help; her magic is slipping away from her.