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A Mooshu Secret Trainer

Jul 23, 2009
I have a grand idea for a Secret Trainer. What if there was a trainer hidden
in one of the many unused huts in Mooshu, one where you trained spells in a
totally new way. This trainer would ask you to complete 2 quests, both
requiring you to fight a difficult boss enemy. For the first quest, you would
be given a special spell for your school, and for the second, you would be
asked to truthfully tell him your secondary school (besides the astral schools) and he would give you the special spell to that school. Here are the
spell ideas,

Fire- Eruption, a volcano would erupt, and magma would start flowing down
it's side. Then, what look like men made of lava would emerge from the
flow, and throw balls of fire at the opponent. The spell costs 6 pips and inflicts 575 while stunning the opponent.
Ice- Snow Gnomes, a field of ice with a small hole in it's center appears. A small pair of eyes can be seen peaking out of the hole. Then, gnomes pour out of it, armed with hammers of ice. The gnomes charge toward the opponent and the one in the front with a signifigantly larger hammer stirkes.
All but one small and quirkly gnome jump back into the hole. The remain gnome runs over to it's caster and hands him a Tower Shield. The spell costs
6 pips and inflicts 450 damage while placing a Tower Shield on the caster.
Storm- Whirlpool, a whirlpool appears in the center of the field and pulls in both the caster and the opponents. The move costs 6 pips and inflicts 360 storm damage over time to the caster, while causing 585 storm damage over time to all enemys.
Myth- Ninja Pigs, we have all seen the animation to this spell, but I strongly think Myth wizards should have it as a real spell. It is like the treasure card
version, but of course, not so powerful.
Life- Forest Gecko, a huge gecko appears in a forest, bedded in leaves. It suddenly lunges at the opponent, biting and then disapearing in a blinding flash (not literally blinding). The spell, again, costs 6 pips and inflicts 490 damage while stunning.
Death- Tarantula, The center of the field becomes a void. The middle of the void changes in appearence, looking distorted, and dozens of tarantulas rush out. They merge into one huge tarantula, and the spider shoot blue light, like that from the Wraith spell, at the opponent. It costs 6 pips, and inflicts 540 damage while placing a Plague charm on the opponent.
Balance- Cougar, A cliff appears and a grey cougar walks to it's ledge. It's eyes flash, and the balance symbol appears over the opponent, turning into light and rushing down onto the opponent. It costs, yet again, 6 pips and inflicts 670 Balance damage.

Thanks for reading, and if possible, I would love to see these spells become real.