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A a Rank 9 Spells

Apr 19, 2010
Okay so here are my rank 9 spells hope you like them :D

Storm: Sirens
Damge: 950 to all enemies
3 beautiful mermaids are sitting in a rock in the ocean. Then they start singing and lightning shoots out of their mouths to their enemies!
Afterdamage: -40% accuracy

Ice: Ice Age
Damge: 660
Battlefield grows snow and mountains and pine tree. Then it starts snowing and snow goes around your enemy and hits! ( ALMOST like frost bite )
Afterdamage: Adds ice shield to you

Fire: Apollo
Damage: 850 to all enemies
Apollo comes out of nowhere with his sun chariot. He stares at your enemy and grins then he takes out a bow and arrow and shoots it with fire!
Afterdamage: None

Death: Health stealers
Damage: 570 half to team mates
Black smoke goes around your enemy and steals its health. A heart appears over your head and heals half of the damage to you. (Ex. 4v4 the first enemy gives your first teamate health second to the second etc. and if your alone it goes back to the one who casted it and so on )
Afterdamge: None

Myth: Griffin
Damage: 680 to all enemies
A girffin comes from the sky and lands on the battlefield. It looks at your enemy and flys to the sky and comes back hitting him/her/it withs its peack!
Afterdamge: -50% damage to enemys

Life: Trade? ( lol need to come up with a better name )
Beforedamage: +55 to next upcoming heal
Heals: 850 next round after the healing blades
A tree nymph appears and heals you and your teamates

Balance: Chimera
Damge: 500 death,myth, heals self 250 and 250 life damage
A chimera with a myth snake, death lion, and a life goat head.
It stares at you and attacks
Afterdamage: None

Sun: +300 to next healing spell

Star: +30% next up coming healing spell

Moon: Polymorph to Krokomummy * death *

Wow! That was hard! If you guys want me to change anything feel free to tell me!

Apr 19, 2010
Hi me again! :D
Here are some spells that dont heal or do damage at all!

Storm: Bolt strike
Does: +55% to next storm spell
But does 35000000 to you jk jk jk
but it does 500 to you
Pips: 2

Ice: Triple shields
Does: -65% to next to next upcoming damage spell
But does -25% to next ice spell
Pips: 1

Fire: Blade trap
Does: +40% and 3 +10% traps
But does 600 ( 200 ) each round
Pips: 3

Death: Steal blade
Does:+50% to next steal health spell
But does 345 damage to you
Pips: 2

Myth: Double blade
Gives 2 +25% blades to next myth spell
But does 350 damage to you
Pips 1

Life: Forest damage
Gives you a blade that does +55% to next life spell
But gives a -50% healing spell
Pips 2

Balance: Earth shaker
Gives your teammates +30% blades and -30% to your enemies
But does ( um heh heh nothing )
Pips 3

Nov 24, 2009
Dude, i wish i worked for ki! i would hire you as an idea artist! brilliant dude! :D :D :D :D

Apr 19, 2010
bobbyfly123 wrote:
Dude, i wish i worked for ki! i would hire you as an idea artist! brilliant dude! :D :D :D :D

Thx! :D