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48 fire quest

Mar 19, 2009
hi i wanna be prepare for level 48 fire quest what do you do which planet do you need to finish all quests of a planet plz reply

Mar 01, 2009
for fire you fight all these bosses or monsters in all of the worlds
alicane boss wc
i think that bird in the arena boss kt
a sunbird monster mb
ember everburn boss ms
marla (something i forget her last name she is the one who has the protection poxes) boss ds
there are some other things like finding a fire forge and stuff

you can have people help u and u should stock up on fire shields and healing spells (ya never know if you might die)

May 02, 2009
You do it on DragonSpyre, and you have to fight Mavra FlameWing in order to summon a fire dragon.

You first need to use a forge in one of the DS shops(I think it's the boot/former pet shop),

To get to Mavra, you need to first complete the annoying Tower of War gauntlet.

Mavra is, I beleive storm if memory serves, and she has 2 protection Pox that are balance, but all they do is cast shields on Mavra and each other, so take out the Pox first, then attack Mavra.

NOTE: Due to a glitch of some sort, there is no one actually talking to you in the quest, and there is no speech in the speech box when the fire dragon talks to you, and also, the entering and attacking animation of the dragon is the same as Judgement, which is a balance spell, even though fire dragon is fire.

I hope I helped.

Nov 02, 2008
sparky1233334444 wrote:
hi i wanna be prepare for level 48 fire quest what do you do which planet do you need to finish all quests of a planet plz reply

The first quest is simple. You fight (I think ) 5 fire bosses, and the highest rank they have is like 4, and then when you talk to the teacher, you have to activate a forge in the Atheneum (Dragonspyre), then you have to beat the boss with the protection pox's and then talk to the teacher, and you got yourself the Helephant pet, Master of Fire badge, and (more importantly) FIRE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. Anyways, here's a tip for fighting that boss:

1. I personally beat her alone with my minion, but if you can't do that, get at least two other friends to help, or just have the minion get rid of the fire shields so you can attack the pox's first then the boss later.

Aug 04, 2009
:D OMG! I lov wizard 101! But one thing thought theres this taskmaster in krokatopia and when i go in i hav 2 fight 3 ravenders AND the boss. (the boss is 800 health and the ravenders are 525 health) and im not even with a friend! Why is it doing that?

Mar 19, 2009