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Zone Wide Chat

Jan 29, 2009
I understand that Wizard 101 is a game that is based on the fact that it is not one of the other MMO's where most times you need to have the chat turned off in order to filter out the many people who seek to ruin it for others. But I find it EXTREMELY difficult to find other people on the same quests as me without a way to talk to a zone. Most times the only way for anyone to have contact with anyone is to randomly run around sending out friend requests. I was just wondering if there was plans for a system to be put in that we could at least send "tells" or "shouts" in the game so that we can find others that are on the same quests as us.

Has anyone else found that they have trouble with this. Most times the levels that I need help on the most are the final stages in the zones before you progress to the other zones. How can we find help when anyone who has finished these quests is now in the other zones. The ones that we can not access. I myself have just reached Mooshu with great difficulty because I have completely soloed on my own to this point. I find though that I have missed some content because of my inability to find help.

Dec 02, 2008
If you could go on to the next world, you'd find people who had already done the instance you're stuck on and don't want to go back to repeat it.

A system to help players find groups would be a welcome addition, but zone-wide chat wouldn't do it. Something like what Guild Wars has, where you can post an ad in a party search menu that players across all realms could see, would work a lot better.

Jan 20, 2009