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Your Schools From Best To Worst

Aug 31, 2012
Sep 03, 2009
May 12, 2012
- I like everything about it, easy to solo and great attacks (I love my medusa and basilisks)
- It isn't a real school, but the attacks are amazing plus I like the backlash shadow thing, or whatever it is called

- Wish health was higher, but I like the attacks, sometimes fizzles
- The school that everyone should get secondary because it is nice having someone to heal you, or just a back up to heal yourself (everyone train this one to satyr, get centaur if you have mastery amulet, which I do)

- It is just a school that has everything
- Real low health but good attacks but they are mega fizzlers
- Really wimpy as low level, but when you get 50+ it is a good school
- Low attacks, high health (good if you want to do PvP with it for levels 5-20, use lots of tc though)
I think everyone's opinion is great :) Yes, lots of them are different but I wouldn't want everyone to be like me lol

~ Allison Dragongem
(and lots others)

Sep 15, 2015
As you can tell everyone has different opinions so I'm just gonna say my opinion and reasoning:

Storm: I'm am not storm but I wish I were!!! It has amazing attacks and even tho it might be difficult having low accuracy, once your level 20 or 30 it goes away because of gear. The power of the attacks is crazy though for example storm shark does about 420 base damage I think and storm shark is a 3 pip spell. The spell you get at the same level for myth only does about 310 and the balance does about 295! You can see that even with low level spells, storm is very powerful

Fire: Fire is obviously not as powerful as storm but it has better accuracy. You get meteor shower at a pretty low level and can continue using it for a long long time with blades, traps, and some sun school spells. It also has many over time spells with can be helpful because you could cast one and keep putting traps on them every round to strengthen your attack. Fire also does some pretty high damage and is great for attacking and can work well for soloing

Death: death definitely has ups and downs but it gets easier at higher levels and it's great because it can heal and attack in one turn and of coarse it has feint which is an awesome spell! I think death is pretty good even though around Marleybone/mooshu it's kinda hard but it picks up later!

Balance: balance is probably the best for pvp but not for normal questing. It works very very well when attacking schools other than balance but fighting balance is extremely hard because there aren't any balance prisms!! Balance is also a struggle for soloing and it's much better to do with a group because it can be useful with strategy! (I'm balance btw)

I don't have enough characters left to continue the reasons so I'll just say the order:
Ice and life(tie)

-legendary sorcerer

Aug 23, 2015
1. Because life is a great school with amazing healing, amazing accuracy, good health, and decent attacks as you level. You will never have trouble finding a group as a life because everyone values one in their group.

2. Death was my first school. It has good accuracy, health, attacks, and attacks that also heal. Very good school to solo.

3. I like the concept of myth. I like that it's all about imagination and creativity, and if I was a wizard in real life I would probably be myth. Plus, it's the third strongest school in base damage so that's a plus!

4. Storm is amazing! Awesome attacks are my kind of play style :) Accuracy can be a problem but that soon definetly goes away with all the gear you get later on.

5. I like how ice has boss like health. People call it weak, but would you rather go against an ice boss or a myth boss? I rest my case. :P

6. Fire is a good school. I just don't like it very much because of how popular and overplayed it is. You have almost no trouble with shields because of all the DOTS you get.

7. Don't get me wrong, I like balance, but the reason it's at the bottom is cause I don't really like those concepts about how everything has to be "equal." It would probably be higher if I didn't like any other schools more.

The end!

Mar 20, 2011
I'll just rank for the schools I have played on from best to worst:
Most attacks heal you plus good accuracy rate and spells like feint and curse
Lots of healing power, but you can't heal and attack in the same turn
Lots of power, but low health and low accuracy make it more stressful.

May 10, 2013
Trikster8 on Oct 8, 2015 wrote:
1) - More well rounded and gets easier in higher levels
2) - Bit annoying in the beginning with such low accuracy and health but gets better later
3) - Has more AOE with decent stats overall
4) - Loads of health with average attacks
5) - Lots of healing but one spell AOE would be higher if it had more
6) - More challenging to play and unable to stack blades and traps to get rid of weakness or plague
7) - Minions are morons if you could actually control them I would consider it not being last
Or ya know, cleanses to get rid of weaknesses on balance

May 01, 2010
I enjoy playing the tank and having the resist. It allows for me to finish boss fights quicker - not to mention my ice packs a punch!
I enjoy the health steals but my only problem with death is all of the death bosses.
I don't enjoy soloing with a life wizard, I find it hard to hit and heal at the same time.
The accuracy just annoys me a bit. I got my storm to Marleybone and just fizzled almost every battle.
I haven't experimented much with balance but I've never really been clung on by the school.. I only like the blades it offers.
My main wizard is fire and I really hate it. I'm unable to solo, I die easily and I have to rely on help.
Never played it, never will, it just looks boring. I watched Blue's let's play of this school and even his great commentary made me want to throw something at his myth wizard, I just HATE the school.

Pretty obvious - I adore the damage increase!
Again, pretty obvious - I adore the additional 25% damage with furnace ;)
Waste of a school.
I've never liked shadow. I only like getting pips and the shadow enhanced spells.

May 07, 2010
Dec 31, 2014
I'm going to include astral schools in this list.
1. Life could be a hitter, a healer, or a tank. It has the most boosts in PvE and have a pretty good attack and defense. Also, their heals cannot be blocked.
2. Death could be a good support and could last very long due to their high attack and drain spells. They also have many blades, traps, and utilities.
3. Enchantments are a must have for me. With them, I could do high damage whenever I want, heal more, and stack traps and blades to do extra damage.
4. Fire is the best hitter in my opinion, they have a higher health than storm and myth and damage just slightly lower than storm, just split apart into three rounds.
5. I don't really use star spells that much, but each of them are useful in their own way.
6. Myth isn't a very good school at the moment, but they could easily bypass almost all kinds of defense and deal high damage. Their own defense is pretty low, they have the second lowest health, and minions aren't very useful at the moment.
7. Balance is not very good by itself, but it has many utilities which could be very good in a group and could help anybody.
8. Probably the hardest school to start the game with but gets easier as time goes by, but anyways, in the end, they would have terrible defense and the lowest health.
9. Anyone could get resist as high as ice now, and most creatures have a high pierce anyways. Resist is arguably the only thing that ice is good for, and their damage isn't very high with some of the best gear they have. Also, the tanking spot in groups could be taken by life or death.
10. Most polymorphs are just weaker versions of their schools, and shift spells use up power pips as one pip and don't have a boost based on school. I used polymorph treasure cards when I was a low level, but I ended up dropping them off when I reached level 35.

May 20, 2012
10. Fire
9. Storm
8. Balance ( And Yet I have one )
7. Death
6. Sun
5. Moon
4. Ice
3. Life
2. Star
1. Myth

Sep 05, 2010
Sep 08, 2015
1. ICE. I love it and i know the best way to do it - balefrost, iceblade, on enemies traps, if a lot then all enemy hit, if not - WYVERNS! And i love the good resistance - i don't have to heal so often( i'm horrible at it).
2. Life. Love the heals and attacks and the thing that you help everyone!
3. Death. Attack and drains
4.Storm. High damage is really important to me.
5. Balance. With the attacks and increases it's awesome!
6. Fire. The dots are good, but not my style(frostbite was in my deck only for a few DAYS)
7. Myth. I haven't done alot of it, but i rarely find pros with it.

I've tried all of them, and i've experienced most of the stuff.

Fiona Dreamer lvl 39 MAGUS THAUMATURGE
Amber UnicornGarden lvl 10 INITIATE THEURGIST

Dec 29, 2014
Little bit if everything which is awesome, mostly soloed the game with it, although my level 20 fire friend helps when she's on
Healing while attacking is awesome, plus they have feint
Can heal and attack, I know people who've been successful on this
Defense, tower shield and average attacks
DOT high attacks but I personally can't stand low accuracy. But my friend is fire and she loves it.
Minions are good and average attacks. Heard they r good at soloing
High attacks but I personally can't play with that low accuracy even if u fix it later (never played as this though so don't know a lot about)

This is just my opinion based on my expirence

Caitlin Griffinrider 59
Devin Winterdust 21
Brynn Legendblade 10

May 07, 2015









10: too OP

your problely yelling at me saying: WHAT MYTH IS FIRST. well i LOVE myth anyway so dont get mad at me

Nov 28, 2015
I've noticed that Myth is ranked at the lowest for a lot of posts, but Myth has some very high damage output. Although the AOE humongofrog isn't very great, at higher levels when you have access to enchantments like Gargantuan and Colossal, it suddenly becomes very useful again, especially with high damage gear. I love using Humongofrog often on street enemies at Level 71 in Zafaria, even though it is very underrated. As for Minions, there are ways to control them and manipulate them, such as spells like Siphon Health which sacrifice your minion for 400 health, Buff Minion which places a 40%+ damage blade on them, Shield Minion which puts a -70% tower on your minion, Mend Minion, Draw Power, and a lot more of these spells can become very handy, although I don't use them very often myself.

Jul 26, 2013
1:& ~ Balance is great because its more powerful than people think (If they know how to use it properly). It is good to have traits from all other schools. ~ Myth is judged off experience for me since i have used it in all my W101 accounts.
2: ~ Great for offensive strategies.
3: ~ most people don't see it but this school is great defensively
4: ~ I don't have a lot of experience with this school but what i have had is great defense and for the most part pretty good offence.
5: ~same as death
6: ~ the only good thing about this school in my opinion is it is somewhat useful in pvp compared to other schools.

May 19, 2012
My honest opinions on schools from best to worst

Dec 19, 2015
My schools from best to worst:

Myth : Myth has moderate health, not low, but not so high. It rarely fizzles. It's the third strongest school next to fire. The thing that I love about it is the ability to take charms and wards away. It is the school with the most stun-spells (which can be real useful). The minions are the only problem. They're useful at a low level, but at a high level, they may not even be put in your deck. Overall, it's the best in my opinion.

Fire : It has moderate health. It's accuracy is also moderate. It is the second most strongest school in the game based on damage. I love the over-time spells. It may not be as strong as storm, but the thing about it is that's it's a complete opposite of ice. It's very hard to kill ice wizards, but it's very easy for a fire wizard to kill you.

Death : Death is closer to the higher health. It's accuracy is greater than myth's. The steal health spells are INCREDIBLY useful. It's just that the spells are that powerful. In order to win, in my opinion, you need damage. The thing I love about it though, is the spell "Feint". If it was just a bit more powerful, I would put it somewhere between fire and myth.

Storm : The health and the accuracy is what never made me choose a storm wizard. But, as some people say, the accuracy problem can be fixed with the right gear. The health may stay low, but when you have insane damage, health won't matter. But still, you need both to survive.

Balance : The ability to buff players is amazing. How it has a little bit of every school is great, but they're something that doesn't catch my interest about it. The damage can be part of that.

Ice : INSANE HEALTH. That's why it's really hard to beat them. The accuracy is great. I was tempted to make an ice wizard, but it's the damage. The damage can't be fixed properly with much. The blade comes at level 40. Bad.

Life : Low damage. And people use you for healing most of the time. You need damage, life has health.

Jul 18, 2009
Normal schools:
1: Death- easy to solo, because I'm a soloing kind of person, and bending the rules because of health sapping is just really fun.
2: Fire- seriously, anybody who doesn't like playing fire has either not played it very much or is just silly! Definitely a tie between death and fire as my favorites. I think I like it because of the power/accuracy/defense balance, it just really agrees with me personally.
3: Ice- really fun, I like the power/defense balance early on (below level 30). My ice is still in KT, so we'll see how my opinions change or stay the same as I progress.
4: Life- also really fun, just a little slower-paced than the others because you're technically a healer and thus your attack's power is pitiful.
5: Balance- had lots of fun up to about AV. Not sure if it was because I was skipping all my side quests or what, but I hit a brick wall and kinda lost interest. Maybe I'll pick it up again after doing some side questing :P
6: Myth- was pretty tough starting out. Got about halfway through KT and had to stop because I didn't really like relying on minions to make fights faster/easier. But like balance I'll probably come back to it later and love it.
7: Storm- just couldn't handle all the low-level fizzling after playing on death, myth and life for about 5 years. Deleted that wizard around level 10. Probably the only school I wouldn't come back to in order to give it a second chance, lol. Just not worth it to me.

Astral/shadow schools:
1: Sun- if you don't use sun spells the minute you can train them, ur doin it wrong.
2: Star- the only spell that's truly useful to me right now is Virulence, but it's really good.
3: Shadow- not as useful for me... yet. Looking forward to seeing where W101 takes shadow school as we progress through the 3rd arc. Shadow-enhanced spells, on the other hand, would be closer to 1 solely because of Lulu.
3: Moon- No. Just... no.

May 21, 2011
My favorite kind of rotates between death, storm, and ice. I love death's drains and super easy soloability, I love storm's damage (also purple and yellow are my favorite colors so..), and I love ice's overall tankyness.

Next would come either life or balance. Obviously life's easy healing abilities make it great, and balance is just super versatile... and has tons of buffs which is a big help.

Number 6 would be fire, but to be honest I haven't really played fire passed around level 25. It seems like a fun school, I just have much more experience with the others so have grown to enjoy them more.

And last would be myth. I don't know... it just doesn't seem to have anything really special about it. It's just mediocre all across the board. Minions are completely useless at higher levels so what unique quality does myth really have left that other schools can't also do just as easily? For me it's just the school of meh. I mean, I do like a lot of the spells for coolness, but as far as actual play ability of the school as a whole... I'm just underwhelmed.

Sep 15, 2015
So I replied to this a couple months ago but my opinions have changed so here's my new opinions:


Some are ties which is why some say " __ and __"

Now for side schools(like astral and shadow)

-Sierra Pearl
Sierra Firegem

Aug 09, 2012
1) Mana Burn, Loremaster, do I really need to say anything else? xD
2) Drains, Pretty good damage, easy to solo the game with.
3) In my opinion, this school should be called balance, because it's the most balanced with damage, critical, health, and resistance

Mar 25, 2014
Mar 13, 2014
It honestly depends on the person playing wizard101, and what the character's purpose is (farming, solo questing, group questing, PvP) but this is my order just thinking of the schools in general.
1) I think this is such a great school, because it has everything. It has good health, strong attacks, good blades, good traps, it has nice heals. It just can fit in everywhere, it is quick to farm because it has sandstorm, they can easily solo quests, they can blend and work well with other schools, and they have a lot going for them in PvP.
2) If this makes any sense, although I think balance is a slightly better school, storm is just the best for me. I am so patient, so it is just my style to kill quickly. Storm is able to solo quest but can still work really well with other schools like life and myth. Yes, storm damage sucks but you get used to it and as for accuracy, once you level up your armor takes care of that.
3) Life is a pretty good school, but I would not recommend it for solo questing or farming. It does well in a PvP with a team or group questing because they have such great defense and health.
4) I like that fire has a nice variety. It has a lot of over time kill attacks that are strong and precise. They just have a nice rhythm and flow in my opinion.
5) Myth doesn't have anything big going for them, but they have a lot of unique quirks that are helpful. They have earthquake that gets rid of blades and shields which is AMAZING! They also can stun, which is great in PVP. I wouldn't say they are the best school for quests, but still decent.
6) The health, traps, and blades are about all I can say about death. Their damage isn't that great and it uses up a pretty large about of pips.
7) Most people sat ice is a great school, but this is just me. Yes, their health and defense is epic but their damage just sucks, sadly. I would never be able to do well as an ice, but everyone is different. It also does good in PvP.
- Gabrielle Silversword