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Your Gameplay Tips for October 2018

Community! We need your gameplay tips for inclusion in each month's KI Live, just like how we gather questions!

Reply to this forum thread, or one of the social posts we put up over the next few days, and we will select ~5 tips to present on this month's KI Live. Each selected tip will receive a similar amount of Crowns as the 10~ questions we respond too.

Tips should be brief (a short sentence) and of course must be appropriate to all ages and make sense for presenting on our KI Lives. They must also not involve cheats or extensive spoilers.

Only one tip per player per KI Live please. For social, use #Wizard101Tips and @KingsIsleLive

We can't wait to see what great tips you come up with!

Apr 05, 2010
If you plan on going after the One in a Million badge, be sure to use as many blades and traps as possible, even treasure cards, and make sure the enemy is the opposite school. (i.e. Fire<>Ice, Storm<>Myth)

Jan 21, 2010
When choosing your cards, it is possible to see all in play cards by rolling over the icons next to each player or npc's names. I never learned this for 6-7 years before someone pointed it out.

Feb 12, 2015
Don't forget to do Side Quests! Especially the ones for new spells, as they can be helpful in countless ways!

Brian WaterSpear, Level 125

Jan 18, 2010

Since you all understand the importance of being respectful of others and protective of your account.
We can discuss some other things.

In one of the latter worlds, Khrysalis, you'll be introduced to companions. Now these companions will join you in battles relating to their main quest they have for you and will boost selective stats.

After you've completed their quest(s), they will disappear.

Now, quests such as mob fights (where the companion often has nothing to deal with) often side quests can also be done with their help!

In essence, the companions won't disappear if you join mob fights around the area they're assisting you with.

So, use this to your advantage!

Aug 03, 2014
Each account holds up to 6 wizards. Even if you're only working on one, make six! The others can act as storage and if you quest them up a bit you can allocate pet training and gardening jobs to them too. The shared bank lets you pass things to and from them to help your main wizard out and store precious items for when you are ready to quest them further!

Jan 29, 2010
would be great if we could turn off spells in our side deck we never use, would also speed battles up not sorting through 15 spells from our gear just to find an attack

Mar 01, 2016
Remember to keep up with crafting quests, they will allow you to craft powerful pieces of equipment that you can't get without completing them. Also, it's very fun!

Jul 28, 2013
Avoid being negative towards othersIf you're a veteran don't be afraid to help someone who is stuck farming for gear or stuck on anything in general. Be a helping hand to other wizards in the spiral because you may need help for something as much as someone else does.

Jul 21, 2017
My few tips for beginners just starting out is.

1.) You are not restricted to play as other wizards tell you to play. Have fun and play the game the way you feel you like to.

2.) Dont get mad if you loose once or a ton of times just keep trying you will get it.

3.) Pets never fail they will always have something good to keep. Just hatch and train again dont try and get a mega pet at the start just train a fun pet.

4.)resistence is key in most battles so dont think like one of my friends oh let me put critical and have zero resist on my gear. Because that is one fast way to get taken out of a battle fast.

5.) Make friends and just have fun but never ever divulge your location where you live,or age if someone ask's if you can me him and or send me a message and is asking for bad favors that are wrong report him to ki unless you know them in real life and they are your real life friend never give out personal information.

Dec 18, 2013
If you ever get stuck in a tricky fight, the Crown Shop Henchmen are always there to save the day!

Oct 27, 2011
My tip for new wizards is to save your training points, don't use them right away, save them for when you really need them or if you get an amulet for other school spells

Jun 10, 2009
Keep your Treasure card deck small and only include a few of the spells you really need and will use each battle! Sometimes when you have so many TC in your deck it can be hard to pull exactly what you want

Mar 25, 2009
A key to success is your deck: Always have a short deck of 6 to 10 cards at the most; TC's should be mostly be Feint and Fairy; and make sure you use training points for Tower, Fairy, Feint, and Sun spells like gargantuan, sharpened blade and potent trap.

Dec 28, 2008
The Thieves Den is a good place to farm for Antiquities if you need them for crafting.

Sep 02, 2012
My tip is to always do your research before difficult boss battles and learn what cheats do they use (especially in later worlds), because this will help you and your team to prepare, plan your strategies accordingly and save lots of time.

Jul 06, 2017
Dont be frustrated if you constantly lose your Ranked PvP matches, calm down and practice your pvp skills in Practice PvP before charging off into a ranked battle.

-Mason Stormblade 81

Sep 01, 2009
You can make your own treasure cards! Buy tough, strong, giant, and/or monstrous TCs from the Bazaar. Put only those in your side deck, and put the spells you want to enchant in your main deck, including all your wand hits. Head to Golem Tower, and begin the first fight. Right click a wand hit, bring up an enchant, and enchant whatever spell you have in your main deck, then right click that spell. Keep doing that, but keep enough wand hits to defeat the clockwork. You end up with your very own treasure cards!

Dec 30, 2011
Keep your deck small. Find out your strengths, find a system that works well, stick with that.

With a small deck, you don't spend so much time trying to find that blade, or that spell, or that feint, etc. You want just enough to set up and kill. Nothing else in main deck. Use TC for "just in case" moments.

May 05, 2018
Remember to save your training points! It is not always best to use a secondary school, but to select certain spells! Plus with having a secondary school you have to worry about having a mastery so you can use power pips on your spells to cast them. The select spells you choose will probably be a low amount of pips/mana anywhere from 1-3.

Sep 29, 2017
Just because you have a deck that allows more cards in it, doesn't mean you need to use every slot! Just pack a couple of blades, maybe some traps/feints, some enchants, hits, a heal or two, and always be sure to have at least one reshuffle in your deck!

Allison RainShade - 125
Allison SkyWalker - 115
Allison NightRider - 76
Allison RoseThorn - 23
Allison DragonFlame - 9
Allison GoldenStone - 1

Jun 18, 2013
when you enter a fight, there is a big triangle in the circle between you and whoever you are battling. it points towards the side that goes first. knowing that can help you decide whether to hit fast, shield first, blade up, or whatever. rock on :)

Jun 04, 2011
Invest your training points in elemental or spirit blades. It can also be very helpful to get a pet that gives you an addition blade or to include TC blades in your side deck. All of these blades will stack with each other and make your hits exponentially stronger!

Jason LegendSword -121

Apr 09, 2011
I think the best tip I can give for anyone who wants better deck control is to put in a lot of lower pip spells (i.e. shields, auras, blades, etc....) and fewer high pip spells (attacks, heals, etc....) so you can spend more time buffing and protecting while saving up pips for a powerful one-shot attack.

Sep 03, 2018
Don't invest all of your training points into one school!
Instead, train Death School up to feint, Ice School until tower shield, life to satyr, and put the rest into spirit/elemental blades/traps. If you have some leftover, save them for Celestia, when you can get star/sun/moon spells.