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Would love some advice please.

Jan 17, 2009
Hello all, I started a Necromancer and he is now level 17 I believe. I'm finding his damage OK and not that bad. I have yet to spend my talent points in another school and would love some advice. I personally was thinking to go life since a lot of times when fighting with a group nobody seems heal or ward anyone. Could someone please tell me if going life with death would go good together or should I just be like everyone else and go fire with death.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses

Valkoor BoomCloud

Aug 19, 2008
Observations: I have a Life/death at Level 44; who is great in battle with others, so I made a Death/life....only with life as a minor you don't get the real good heal cards...

If you want the heal advantage just drop by the library and stock up on heal cards. You can also get crown clothing that allows you certain heal cards.

You have 6 slots to create wizards. Try different combinations. You should have a good feel for them by the end of Wizard City and can delete them if you dont' like the way they play.

Have fun!

Life is great as a secondary school. I also love Storm, because it packs such a terrific punch.

Jan 17, 2009
Cynical Thanks for the reply. I'm the kind of guy that's a 1 character player. I really dislike remaking characters and love to stick and learn one. If I was to go partially life I was thinking just to go down enough to get that 400dmg shield ward. I'm still very unsure though. Is there a lot high end dungeons where you need to go in with 3-4 players? Cause if so Then I think then life would be for me.

1 other quick question if someone can touch on it. I see these really nice robes/hats/boots etc etc items you can buy with crowns that give you nice cards. They are level 15 items though. If I wait will there be better Clothes with better cards I can buy with crowns if I wait for a higher level to spend my crowns?

Thanks again

Jan 17, 2009
HeadmasterAmbrose wrote:
Life is great as a secondary school. I also love Storm, because it packs such a terrific punch.

Wow the Headmaster Himself! :) I'm definitely thinking of trying the Death/Life mix.