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Wizard101 vs. Pirate101

Apr 25, 2010
Hello Wizards! I have recently decided that I would like to take a break from Wizard101. I am thinking about 2 or 3 months subscription to Pirate101. I know this may not be in the right category or website but I have never played Pirate101 (except for the free trial 3 years ago) so I could not post there. If you can please give me some differences between the games and maybe some insights of which class for Pirate101. Thank you!

Sep 19, 2013
They're completely different games. Buccaneer is tanky with good damage, Swashbuckler is dodgy with really high damage, Privateer heals and buffs, Musketeer has lots of traps, and Witchdoctor has the best range and has lots of AoEs.

Mar 18, 2009
They are both turn-based games, but Pirate101 incorporates positioning into their battles. Pirate101 also has ship battles which requires a minor level of traditional MMO "button-mashing". It is a sight to see 20 plus players all roaming the skyways and obliterating the other enemy ships. They both take place in the same Spiral story/world.

Assuming by your name you are a Life Wizard, you might like being a Privateer in Pirate101. It is the main healing class. Buccaneers are the "tanks" but can deal a lot of damage if enemies are grouped together, Swashbucklers deal lots of up close physical damage and area poison attacks, Musketeers deal long-range and area "trap" damage and Witchdoctors deal mainly magical damage, area damage, summons, and charm enemies.

You should be able to make a free account over at Pirate101 Central and get better responses from the community there.


Dec 02, 2014
Timothy Lifesinger on Jan 3, 2016 wrote:
Hello Wizards! I have recently decided that I would like to take a break from Wizard101. I am thinking about 2 or 3 months subscription to Pirate101. I know this may not be in the right category or website but I have never played Pirate101 (except for the free trial 3 years ago) so I could not post there. If you can please give me some differences between the games and maybe some insights of which class for Pirate101. Thank you!
witch doctor is a far away fighting style and can quickly out number the enemy with summons they there kinda like myth with its buffs and summons

the gun class is a far away fighting style but instead of summon they have lots of traps but the traps can be avoided in pvp but they slow down your enemy and they are vary strong there kinda like the

the sword with the rose class uses over time damge and is great at close combat but has vary low health and resistance like storm and fire

the privateer class is all about healing and making your team stronger it also get the most things to fight with its like the life school

and then the axe class is like a tank kinda ice lots of health and if you get hit you will hit back but low in power

if you looking for something to solo and get threw the game fairy easy go for witch doctor and chose the story with the staff and train into privateer so you can get heals

Mar 23, 2013
What I think so far:

Easy on regular battles, harder on ship battles
Entertaining storyline (companions with good sense of humor)
Bosses are the same health as you are
Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Witchdoctor
Ride across the Spiral with a ship

Harder battles than pirates
Interesting storyline
Bosses have higher health than you
Storm, Ice, Life, Death, Fire, Balance, and Myth
Go to different worlds by a tree

Highest damage
Highest dodge
Unattackable by fog :)
Low health
Low defense
Most like: Storm

Have buffs for all classes
Can attack and heal at the same time
Kan Po
Bad stats (except magic resist)
Most like: Death

Highest defense
High health
Has the most pirate skills
Low damage (kind of)
Most like: Ice

Far range
Has the most power skills
High accuracy
Low dodge
Most like: Kind of Life 'cause of the high accuracy

Most helpful in groups
Most companions
Low damage
Most like: Life/Balance

I'd choose a privateer class.

Bonnie Anne
Egg Shen

Bonnie Anne
Egg Shen


Bonnie Anne
Egg Shen

Bonnie Anne
Egg Shen


Jane Canary
Bill Peacock
El Toro


Egg Shen

For 40+, you choose. My highest level privateer is level 10, but I've seen these companions in action, and they're AMAZING!!

Sorry I couldn't provide too much information, I hadn't been on for a while.

Sep 08, 2015
If you're wondering, pirates can be compared by schools to classes.
Witchdoctors are Fire, Myth, Balance, Death. They have DOTS, summonable Skeletons, Boosts and Drains. I love the class, i'm a level 43 Witchdoctor. I reccomend this class for everyone who still likes wizards, even though they play pirates. Or, if you want to be OP as i don't know what!
Buccaneers are Storm and Ice in one. They deal high damage and have lots of health. I like this class, but not as much as the witchy one.
Swashbucklers are... no class at all. They can dodge and deal some deent damage.
Musketeers are Balance. They have traps, bombs and that kind of stuff. They're also ranged, so if you're not a close fighter and you prefer to deal damage in the shadows, this class is perfect.
And last but not least, Privateers. They are Life, they heal their teammates, and are the only ones who get the heals together with their ither powers.

Hope you have a clearer image of what it's like for classes! If you want to learn anything else, feel free to ask!

Fiona Dreamer
Annoying Amber withcy, bucky, swashy, musky and privey

And you can log in to pirates with the same account you have on wizards. One account is for both games! But membership isn't.

Jun 30, 2013
Hello Timothy! Glad you considered to try out P101, it's a very great and entertaining game! Please note that while reading this I recommend that you log into the game to have a look for yourself into all the instructions I'm going to say.
1.)The first things you have to know, combat in P101 completely differs from W101's. It's more of the action-packed type and you can use up to 4 characters, you and 3 companions. You control your characters using a large board that consists of a lot of squares. There are limits to how many squares you and your opponent can move, and there is also a limit to the range of how many squares ranged attacks can go through.
2.)There are 3 types of critical (There is no level or gear restriction, criticals are a natural trait that are only boosted indirectly by other stats from gear): Epic hits, that increase about 50% of your attacks, Mega hits, that increase about 100% of your attack and finally Super hit, the most powerful one that adds up about 130% damage to an attack. There are chances for each type of critical, with the Super hits being the rarest.
3.)Now for the main stats, Agility, Will and Strength. Agility is the main and highest stat for Swashbucklers and Musketeers, Will is the stat for Privateers and Witchdoctors while Strength is for Buccaneers. The higher your main stat is, the higher your damage and critical chances will go. Make sure that you have the right weapon for your class, Witch uses staffy weapons, Privy uses Slashy weapons, Buccaneers use Smashy weapons, Swashbucklers use Stabby weapons and Musketeers obviously use shooty weapons.
4.) Note the stat your critical will rely on will be the stat your weapon uses, as you can use combo weapons (i.e. Shooty/slashy, Stabby/Staffy) or the other normal types of weapons. Weapons indicate which stat they're using, so make sure you check that.

Jun 30, 2013
5.) Now for the classes and what they can mainly do:
Musketeer: Musketeer is one of the 2 ranged classes, it uses shooty weapons that attack from afar. They also how some AoE attacks with various shapes (Hit a group of squares in an X pattern, + pattern or a line). They have bombs, that attack a 9x9 square pattern and place powerful bombs in empty squares. They can learn trap powers, with the last tier that places traps in an X pattern. Musketeers have the highest accuracy rate among the other classes, have decent health but low dodge. If you like to stand and let the approaching opponents to receive some damage while coming at you, Musketeer is your class.
Swashbuckler: Swashbuckler is the rogue type of class. Swashbucklers can hide in shadows to avoid direct attacks for a number of rounds and double their next attack (it will expire if you attack), have the largest movement range and have poisons, which are DoTs that affect a 9x9 area around the area you target. They have powerful sneak attacks that attack a single target for a huge amount of damage, that can be doubled by a hide! They have lots of damage and dodge, moderate accuracy and low health. If you want to dish large amounts of damage, Swashbuckler is your class!
Buccaneer: Buccaneers have very decent health, defense and damage. They are tanky, with their defensive stats and protective spells, and have very decent damaging powers and talents at the same time. Their main attacks are called 'charges', where you can move up to double your normal range, attack and reduce accuracy (the first version doesn't reduce accuracy). Buccaneer is a fun class, that can withstand damage and dish out very good damage.
Privateer: Basically a mix between & , they are the only class that have direct heals (one of them can be trained by others for points), they have buffs amazing that affect your whole team AND have good defense. Their onyl problem is that they heavily rely on companions, as they don't train many hits.

Jun 30, 2013
Witchdoctor: The magic based class. Their spells rely on the spell power stat, not the weapons, which is quite helpful. They have a line of unlimited range attacks, a line of powerful AoE's, and another for spells that attack in a line pattern and reduce the target's spell power. They are the only class that can naturally train summons (minions) and drains (like drains). They have more spell power than other classes, low health, bad accuracy (they mainly rely on spells) same dodge as Musketeers and very good magic resist (resist against shooty and staffy weapons). Witchdoctors can also train spells that attack and reduce critical chance. They can train 2 spells that deal amazing damage to an enemy that's right next to you which ignores their defense, and they can buff the main stat of nearby allies too! The Juju line of buffs is the only one of its type that can buff agility, strength AND will!