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Why is your school your favorite?

May 22, 2011
I'm back, guys, and I just got a two month membership. I want to know why you picked your school, and what you like about it (Because asking what the best school is would start an argument and eventually get this topic shut down). Lets hear some favorites.
-Wolf, 95
-Wold, 51

May 09, 2009

Storm is definitely my favorite because they deal the most damage.The funny thing is the first wizard i created was life, but it really wasn't the class for me.


Cody Thunder Caller

Feb 07, 2011
yay, welcome back!

i'm not sure how to answer this question, as i have 3 prometheans, have played all 7 schools past level 30, and like them for different reasons. but, to put it quite simply, i like my wizards because they are different from their fellow *insert class here*-ers.

a few examples: my balance and life wizards are damage-dealers; my storm wizard is a tank, and my ice wizard uses minions more often than her myth counterpart.

my favourite is my storm wizard~ she completely defies the 'glass cannon' stereotype with massive damage, resist, and crit block, plus near-perfect accuracy. so, not only does she not need blades or critical to kill quickly, but she can take a lot more damage than her peers and does not fizzle.

(next step: a pet with proof, to put her resist above 40% universal)


“That which can be imagined, can be achieved.”

the first quiz i took gave me balance, but the rest all gave me storm. ironically, i deleted my first diviner because i got sick of the constant fizzles, but i'm so glad i gave it another chance, because i love her to bits~ she really is the most like me.

artist, writer, dreamer, promethean x3

Sep 19, 2013
Drain. Spells.
'Nuff said.

Kane Wildthief, level 68 Necromancer

Jul 26, 2013
I haven't really gotten that far seeing as I could only play no membership maybe once or twice a month for around 6 hours per month. Now I got a membership and a new computer and have been working on my fire wizard and is now level 17. I have also been studying death as a sort of second school I choose, putting my training points there and it is really helpful. So I like fire just because it's strong and that's what I got on the test so that's it pretty much.... ps. got to level up 4 times in one day (since im such a low level)

Sarai ShadowSword Lvl 17

May 30, 2009
Death gives health back and has overtime spells.
Dr von's monster Skeletal dragon

Patrick skullshield 95 Veteran
Juan unicornpants 31 Warlord

Jul 03, 2010
Life was my first wizard and did turn out to suit me well. Altho I did solo my own quests I enjoyed helping others with theirs so this made a very handy school for me to master. Sadly now her friends list is quite empty because her friends moved on but I still remember and enjoyed the still somewhat new Wizard101. The game was a lot more relaxed, helping everyone was fun and we took our time roaming though the Spiral.

I play this school the best because I have invested the most time into it. I am now getting a bond with my Ice wizard but it took many worlds to get there. I feel I have always had it for Storm no matter what level and hay what isn't to like about Death and it's knack to survive with those handy steal life back spells?

Mary StarGem
Savior of the Spiral
Master of Nature

Sep 17, 2012
I like my current school wizard the best, (whichever school that is at the time). I have found great strengths in every school I have played. Fire is the only school I haven't played. The DoT just doesn't appeal to my style of play. I have many friends who are great Fire wizards, so nothing bad to say about the school. It's just not for me. Myth was by far the easiest to solo. Ice was the hardest. Balance is also great for both solo and team play. I haven't tried to solo Tartarus with my Balance yet, so far Myth is my only school that easily does that. I think my Balance can do it too though.

Nov 27, 2011
Well, first of all, Happy april's fools! did you notice our message boards rank is n00b? lol. Well my favorite is Ice We have a high resist, tower shields and can stun. We dont have a high damage, but if you get enough damage ice is a tank! I must say my second favorite is Death cause well, damage not good i know but we can drain and have big damage, the only problem is that we dont get any AoE spell until we are level 48, but farming loremaster and getting deer knight can make it lot easier

Richard FrostBreeze level 77 n00b
Brahm NIghtshade level 33 n00b

Dec 03, 2012
I admit, balance is my favorite school. During CL, I felt as if I hated balance, but here in Azteca fighting those annoying people I realize that it was CL that was hard, not me being weak. Soon going to get shadow magic, Molly has successfully gotten her Ra with two blades, one trap, and an Enchantment to do 3000+ damage. I love the blades and the traps we have; and how we have no opposite. My opinion may be another school if I a a soloist, but thank goodness that I'm not. The group fights is what I stand out in; I help all and deal damage.
My second favorite is fire.
My third favorite is death.

-Molly level 87

Sep 04, 2013

it was my first wizard's school, it doesnt fizzle a lot, unlike storm, and it is pretty powerful. you also dont have a lot of healing spells, like death or life.

Valdus Ghostsword lvl 27

Jun 24, 2011
My favorite school will always be balance. Throughout the game, I suffered from balance not having a prism or its own blade, but after I received shrike form kh it wasn't so bad. I was never a solo player, so I liked balance. It was made to do a little of everything.
Wolf RavenBreath 95 balance ( the sign wasn't cooperating for me lol)

Jun 13, 2012
Ooh, I love We have tons of health, and we can even taunt* the enemy! Sure we have the same amount of damage as life, but with some great gear (22% ice damage for myself) ice can fight 'em good. We can solo or group fight (which I prefer solo). We may need to attack more to get the enemy defeated, but with persistence, we can conquer our enemies.
Miranda Dreamsong 40
*Taunting is learned from Mortis or a trainer on colossus boulevard. It makes the enemy attack you more, unlike peaceful
With persistence, anything can be achieved