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Who took the quiz?

Feb 27, 2009

Who actually took the quiz for w101 and what did you get? I know some just choose, but who took the quiz? Has anyone ACTUALLY got death from the quiz?

I got balance from the quiz, but also ice on another account. (idk why i have more than one account, I never play on my others...)

Kestrel Ghostwalker~ lvl 50 Grandmaster Sorcerer
Ninja in training 8)
( )

May 02, 2009
I've taken the quiz a couple times.

The very first time I took it, I got fire for my school. Now when I take it, the school I get is balance, which is a good school in my opinion, since I have a balance friend that I happen to enjoy playing wizard101 with.

So who knows, I may end up making a balance wizard one of these days.

Nov 01, 2009
I took the quiz the very first time I made a wizard and a couple of times since and have been given the result of Life every time. I suppose it makes sense since I've worked in the health field most of my adult life.

Jan 10, 2010
May 22, 2009
When I first started playing Wizard101 i took the test and it said I should be Life, which I love.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Oct 03, 2009

I've taken it a few times and every single time I came up with Life...

Autumn Jadeheart (level 50 Balance)

Oct 17, 2008
The quiz is the ONLY thing that determined what I got! First of all, when I joined, I'm pretty sure there was no "choosing" available. Not that I recall, at least. Maybe I was just so new that I didn't realize it... xD

I took the quiz. The first time I got Myth. Then I got Fire. THEN Ice, like I am now. I alternated between Death and Ice after that. Eventually I decided with Ice, because it seems so PERFECT for me - it's the closest to a "water" wizard that I could ever get (like I'd LOVE to be), and Sapphire is my birthstone, and blue is my favorite color. What else is there NOT to like about Ice? :D

In honor of my first attempt on the quiz, I made a Myth wizard. Then in honor of the school I got the second most (Death), I made a Necromancer.

~Sierra WinterBreeze, Grandmaster of Ice
~Laura DarkGlen, Level 14 Necromancer
~Sabrina RainbowDreamer, Level 6 Conjurer

Mar 08, 2009
Well.. Back when I first joined, I had remembering reading on one of the various Gaming Sites out there, that you could simply skip the test.. and just choose a School, if you wanted to..

But being a curious soul, I wanted to find out just which School I would be placed in, so I took the test and the result was Storm.

Now.. not really knowing anything about the strengths of any of the Schools or what they were like, I was not sure what I had gotten myself into.

But I ended up absolutely loving Storm!

My Storm Character became a Grand Master and took on Life as a secondary School.. and he loves it.

This combination really seems to fit my playing style.