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Which Class should I spend my Points on?

May 13, 2009
Hey everyone! :)

I am still a bit new to wizard101 and was wondering if there is a good path for me to follow as a Storm wizard. I am currently a level 34 Storm wizard (going on 35) and I have learned Life spells up to satyr. I have two training points and nothing to use them on. Is there a good class for me to choose? Do I learn ice to tower shield? Death to feint? Balance??? Or should I think ahead and save my points for Astral spells? (if so, which astral class works best with a Storm/life wizard?) Goodness, I have so many questions and no answers! XD

My current strategy is to build up shields, traps, and swards until I have enough to use storm shark or Kraken, and sometimes use tempest when fighting common enemies. Is there a class that fits my strategy, or is there an even better strategy that works better?

I am looking for advice from experienced Storm wizards who have gotten really far into the game or finished it.

(Please only experienced storm wizards! I know that you might be trying to help, but I have seen many people give advice to young storm wizards have that actually really hurt their deck and strategy…)

~Megan Nightshade :D

Oct 22, 2011
Okay, here's my take on it .......

Since Storm spells fizzle a lot, maybe look for a school that has a much less fizzle rate.

ICE would be good, as it would include a multiple-hit spell (Blizzard) that doesn't use all your pips like Tempest does. Plus, you can use the same tri-blade, and the school includes the Tower Shield. The hit rate is 80%, so this one would be a good option.

FIRE has almost the same fizzle rate as Storm, but does include Meteor Strike for a multiple hit and can use the same tri-blade.

DEATH is good from the other spectrum. You do use another type of tri-blade, however, you would get Vampire and that other one (I forgot the name of it), that will give you health and do damage at the same time, plus Feint.

MYTH, I don't believe would be good for a Storm. It's the opposite, and if you come up against another Storm in the game, they frequently use an 80% myth shield.

My main wizard is Balance with the second school Storm, third school Life, plus a bunch of Astral spells.

There will be LOTS of opportunities to get training points as you level up. Believe me, you'll have plenty to 'spend' at whatever schools you want.

The best thing to do is to concentrate on spending training points on ONE school at your level. Once you obtain all those spells, then start looking at other schools for what you need.

HAVE FUN!!!! :)

Dec 13, 2008
I think the best thing to do is to spend your points on all of the life spells early in the game so you can heal yourself in an emergency. Once you get to the higher levels, because you're storm, you should start to spend your points on sun spells. They will either increase your damage, so you can one-hit kill those annoying bosses, or increase your accuracy and armor piercing. However, later in the game, I don't think accuracy is even a problem. I am a level 70 fire, and fire doesn't have a lot more accuracy then storm does. But now that I have all of the waterworks gear, I almost never fizzle. I have over 95% accuracy. Also, if you get some crowns, you can buy the life mastery amulet and be able to heal yourself better. When I was spending my training points, I wasted mine on all of the rank 1 spells from each school . Then I had to go buy back my training points for crowns, then I used them all on life. Once I got to Celestia and I saw the astral spells, I bought back my training points AGAIN and got all of the sun and star spells. I also have a level 47 storm, and I'm stuck at malistaire. Because storm has such low health, I used my training points on life. I think life is probably the best class for you to spend your points on.

Devin Dragonflame, Level 70 Fire

Feb 24, 2009
You want to train multiple schools actually.

Life to satyr
Ice to tower
Fire to fire elf
Death to feint
Sun to colossal
Star: Infallible, amplify, vengeance, fortify, and if you want, berserk.
Moon for Treant Polymorph
Balance to weakness
Balance for spirit/elemental blades and traps.

Thats what I recommend at least!

Feb 03, 2012