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what's your favourite wizard101 world and why?

Sep 18, 2016
personally, i loved khrysalis the most. i soloed most of khrysalis and my favourite part was learning shadow magic. the creatures in khrysalis were my absolute favourite & i enjoyed doing the quests so much! i haven't finished polaris yet so i can't really comment on that part, but i hope to soon!

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Stephanie level 50 Grandmaster Diviner

Jan 05, 2014
I haven't been to Khrysalis yet, but I have a couple of characters in Azteca.

My favorite is Avalon, The numerous Monty Python jokes just leave me with fits of the giggles every time. If you have never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail you should see it before questing in Avalon or you won't get the full effect.

Next is probably Celestia. Compared to the first arc, most of Celestia seems new and strange, with a complex storyline. Soldier sharks, high tech robots, Ghostly remnants of Celestia's original inhabitants, and the weird shadow-wraiths of the morgantines. Interspersed with Marleybone steam-punk tech. It is also interesting that you are introduced to astral spells, and see your character increase dramatically in power from level 50-60 as you access new gear and acquire astral spells.

After that I like Mooshu. Very orderly and easy to follow, three main adventure areas, each with three sub areas, after each main area you fight an Oni. Interesting Samurai cultural slant. A refreshing simplicity to it after slogging through Marleybone with its seemingly never ending list of "not quite through yet" quests.

I really loathe Marleybone and Grizzleheim. I'm kind of neutral on everything else.

Sep 10, 2011
Wizard City, because it's nostalgic to me.
Kroktopia and Dragonspyre, because they gives me a good vibe.

Dec 16, 2009
Khrysalis is my favorite world thus far. I love the complex, nuanced story, the characters we meet and even the enemies we fight. I love the feel of leading a rebellion and silently disrupting Morganthe's well-oiled machine. I love the people we liberate, the citizens we save, even the brainwashed denizens we help to see the light. I love the unique Dungeons and boss encounters: The Great Beast in particular stands out as a stroke of creative genius. I really hope that we see world's approaching Khyrsalis's quality as we move forward. Polaris is a step in the right direction so I am hopeful.

Feb 28, 2014
Polaris is my favorite. I love the music, graphics and the storyline is more involved with; he said, she said and they said. plus dungeons are more like dungeons with a better story behind it not just 2 or 3 rooms and that's it. Krokotopia and Avalon are my second favorites. l life the music and the area layouts.

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Jun 04, 2009
Marleybone. I've always wanted to visit the UK and this world had one of the more creative atmospheres in the early days of Wizard101. Although I zip straight through the world now when I level my characters. Doesn't give me enough time to reflect on the fond memories I have of the place.

Dec 12, 2012
My favorite Wizard101 world? This is going to be hard...

For sure, my #1 is Azteca. Not just because it's the world I'm in, I just love the royalty theme and how the king sent him and Morganthe to the Feather Palace? Made me lmao.

Number 2 would probably be Celestia. The water areas are so amazing, and the introduction to sun, moon, and star spells. And in Celestia, you get your level 58 spell, if you aren't underleveled. (Normally enter around Level 50.)

Avalon is probably my number 3. I loved Ghost Avalon, with King Artorius, and the Sword of Kings, even if I didn't even use it once. Some things about Avalon were annoying though. The bosses got so much harder!

Aug 08, 2012
My Favorite World? Gosh there are so many good ones! Here are my top three:

1)Zafaria - I absolutely love Zafaria because of the desert terrain feel and, since I love them so much, the African animals! (mainly the cats). I also find the quests interesting and usually quite different and I also love the bosses, as they can be quite a challenge.

2)Azteca - I love the dinosaur feel and the difficulty of the world - it also feels very lively and it has the quest to the sharpened blade and potent trap spells... where would I be without them?

3) Mooshu - Such a bright and happy world, very vibrant in colors and the dungeons aren't horrendously long. They also have fantastic crafted gear and the villages always have a happy feel about them.

Here are my least favorite worlds, in case you were interested:

LEAST Favorite: Dragonspyre. Sorry ds lovers, I just found this world sorry boring and generally ugly.
2nd Least: Khrysalis. Far too long, why would you want bugs as the NPC'S?
3rd Least: Celestia or Marleybone - Too same old same old worlds. Nothing exciting about them.

(Please don't be offended all worlds are good this is just my opinion)


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Mason Fire - Level 7

Nov 28, 2010
Wizard City.

I had the most fun there. Things progressed quickly. Win or lose, battles were quick. Other than Sunken City and maybe Golem Tower, I don't recall any dungeons/bosses that required more than a few minutes to get through.

You could build your character however you wanted and still be successful.

It was simple, but fun. I miss it.

Aug 25, 2014
Grizzleheim! I love the theme and I've always enjoyed questing there.

Sep 12, 2009
Mooshu, easily.

I love the music, and I always come back to go fishing there. The storyline going on is great, it really brings me to a "japanese" type of feel to the game. The enemies, like the onis, are quite compelling. I kind of wish that onis weren't elephants, and more of a monster, than an animal. Then again, it's a kids game.

Avalon used to be my second favorite, following Mooshu. I started to dislike Avalon, mainly because the repetitive events were bugging me. The music was fun to listen to, I enjoyed the renaissance feel to it. But then again, it got too repetitive, and I stopped enjoying it as much as I did when it was released.