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What world is you're wizard from?

May 05, 2009
Ooh, this is one of the most creative question i've seen =3 i'm gonna have fun with this

Moira darkheart is from the world of azteca, she moved away to learn magic in ravenwood, she currently does not reside from there.

Erica icesword orgin is unknown, when she was born, she was taken to marlybone to learn the culture there when she grew older, once she became 15, she moved to wizardcity and began her studies as an ice wizard.

Jun 17, 2011
My wizard Grace DreamRider 77, came from Mooshu and grew up learning life. She lived in the villages of Shiratiki temple but moved to wizard city for more adept training when the emperor got sick.

Sep 04, 2013
Avalon, and he grew up in Caer Lyon
his bro esteban went to skull island n he went to wizard city for pyromancy
Valdus ghostsword lvl 20

Dec 22, 2013
This is fun. I'll do this for all my wizards!

Kyle Starthief(male) was born in Mooshu as a fire student. His home was raided by wraiths and Kyle was take to their homeland (unknown). Later was carried to grizzleheim where he was raised as a death student. Then, he signed up for ravenwood, stayed there for a few weeks, and then assaulted the myth teacher for his rudeness and was kicked out. He later registered at Pigsquick academy. He visited WC every once in a while and later decided to form an army. The Death Army. He bought a castle to have meetings in to discuss various things going on in the group. Today he is level 27 and roams through all of the spiral in world he isn't even a high enough level to go in to.

Nicholas Daysmith(male) was also born as a fire student in the same town and world as Kyle. Except Nicholas didn't get raided. He was poor. He signed up for ravenwood to earn a little money here and there to support his family in Mooshu. He today roams WC in a quest to save his family.

Digby Foebreaker(male) was raised in Grizzleheim and was not very bright. His family wasn't either, but he didn't have a worry about it. Of course he didn't know how to. His parents signed him up for ravenwood hoping that he would get some education of some sort, so he can come home and teach his parents one day.

Jan 18, 2011
Ashley winter is from Grizzleheim on the island of wintertusk. She lived their from as far she remembered until one day when the coven showed up and begin freezing the island. She fleed, but didn't forget to remember that she must return home to set them free

She used to live in a house in Grizzleheim, but now she moved into a winter palace in Avalon

Sep 04, 2013
he lived in caer lyon growing up and ran a shop with his parents and brother esteban(who went to skull island)

Valdus Ghostsword lvl 21

Dec 22, 2013
Sierra Deathshade was born in Grizzleheim in the Ravenscar area. Although she didn't turn out to be a raven she still likes to were clothing accustomed to their styles. She never knew her father and her beloved mother died the day after she was born.Ravens raised her to be the most precise and elegant girl she could be.After being asked to join the Ravenwood School of Magic, she flourished in her studies under the guidance of Death School Assistant, Dowrgyn. She now faces the horrors that lie in Grizzleheim itself. She is yet to discover who her father is, and is facing Malistaires forces greatly.

Dec 28, 2012
I have 3 wizards, all related. This is how the lotuswords came to attend ravenwood school.
The year was 2112. The human race of the planet earth had travelled to mars, and explored
Its long lost tunnels and tombs. But in those tombs, they awakened the evil alien race called
The demons. The demons destroyed the human race until there was only one family left, the
Lotuswords. The parents sent there two children and nephew through a wormhole. The oldest
Of these children, seth, was only 3 at the time. They travelled to the spiral, but got seperated on
The journey.
Seth lotussword appeared in the pyramid of ra on krokotopia, where ra the benelovent god of
Balance magic, lived. Ra saw the power of balance within seth, and seth was raised in the house
Of ra, learning balance magic. But at the age of 7, a demon came through the portal and destroyed
Ras pyramid. Ra managed to harness the power of the demon. But in doing so he became trapped in
A card. The only way seth could release his foster father again, was if he got to learn how to use the
Card of ra. He headed to wizard city and enrolled in ravenwood. Once he got to krokotopia he spoke
With his teacher alhazred who said that the demons, who were called the krampus and the awokem,
Where also in cards. The krampus card was hidden in dragonspyre, and the awokem in khrysalis. Seth needed these cards to properly release ra out of his card and reverse the effect they did on him. The real reason seth is helping defeat malastaire is so he can get to dragonspyre and learn krampus. I will talk about the second of the lotus children, autumn, in the next post.
Seth lotusword master, secondary
Autumn lotusword apprentice, secondary
Blake lotusword, warlord, secondary , who isnt made yet, make once autumn gets level 40.
See u round the spiral
Seth lotus

Jan 06, 2014
Year: 2020
Mason Raven: Now he comes from Earth with his sister Emma Raven. Emma came first when she was 13. She has been highly trained in the arts of Wizarding with her Polar Fox. Mason and her had him since he was a baby. When she left, he was sad and she left when he was 9. He went to Ravenwood to at Age 13 to follow his sister and because someone was hunting the Raven family down. The Government. Now they wanted Mason since he did a crime of hacking into North Korea's computers down on Earth since North Korea was threatening war to the USA. He stopped the war by emailing the USA, but they want him since he knows all there secrets and wants to know more. Sadly, he left because some guy got confused and got poisoned by a mad sciencetist AKA Malistare Drake. He was leading them thinking he hacked them to give the info to North Korea to start World War III. This didn't stop him though because he wanted to ruin his life since he knew what Merle knew, he was the Wizard to defeat him and to overthrow him. This is why Mason was in danger and he hid in Ravenwood, waiting for the time to defeat Malistare, training for the day in the arts of Magic in Ice. He will freeze him as a statue if he ever sees him which he will, eventually ...
Conclusion: He was actually helping the government since he was a skilled hacker but Malistare turned against him, ever since. Now the Raven parents are fleeing to Ravenwood. They will know them when they see them. Their goodbye was this.
The dad said, "We all know that your leaving Emma. We wish you luck and Godspeed," saying to Merle.
He did this with Mason. "I know you are now leaving and you have done a good deed for us. For the USA. Now I need you to go up to the Spiral and save some young Wizards in distress and fullfill your destiny. Now Godspeed,".
Liked it? Tell me if I should make a story on it and mods, this is probably the best storyteller in the Spiral so plase accept this post.

Jul 24, 2012
Rumors say that Brooke Emeraldshard came from Nidavellir, Grizzelheim. She was evicted when it was discovered she was not an Ice wizard, she was Life. She now resides in a Winter Winds Tower of her own.

Brooke Emeraldshard, level 40 Theurgist

Oct 04, 2009
StormofSpades on Apr 27, 2013 wrote:
Hey! What world is you're wizard from? Rules are:

1. What world?
2. What area of that world?
3. Still residing there or moved?
4. Have fun!
5. Does NOT have to be a world related.
Mine: Amber Nightblossom lived in Celestia, in the Floating Islands. She has moved and does not reside there anymore.


Amber Nightblossom, Level 76 Storm
Kestrel Ashthorn, Level 20 Death.
"Fizzle once, shame on you. Fizzle twice, shame on me."
Hi, these are where my wizards are from.

Samuel Lifebringer:
Lived in one of those weird grass housed in that village in Last Wood.
He moved to Wysteria to further study the school of Life with Chester Droors.
My wizard likes to live in nature and life related places.

Artur Hawkleaf:
Still living there

Ethan Fireblood:
After the world was taken over by Malistaire, he moved to abbey road of avalon, thinking that was a safer place to live.

Dustin Deathstone:
Wizard City
Still living there, happy that no enemies have taken over Nightside

Tanner Stormmender:
Floating Land
Still loving there, enjoying surfing

Tyler Icestaff:
Hrundle Fjord
Still living there

Enjoying living there to study the ancient worlds, which is his main source of power ( ancient myths, medusa, basilisk, minotaur, troll ) but, goes to school in Wizard City at Ravenwood.

Hope you enjoy my wizards and where they are from!
Samuel Lifebringer Level 95 In Khrysalis
Artur Hawkleaf Level 44 In Dragonspyre
Ethan Fireblood Level 33In Mooshu
Dustin Deathstone Level 16In Krokotopia
Tanner Stormmender Level 7In Wizard City
Tyler Icestaff Level 6In Wizard City
Blaze Level 6In Wizard City

Dec 19, 2010
Paige dragoncrafter lived on a world far away and one day at a museum she came soon a ancient Egyptian script on display and tested to read it to her friends the writings were gibberish but when she read it the big ancient solid stone door opened and she got sucked into crockatopia and then to wizard city where she is fighting to save the SPIRAL from mailistaire.

Jun 22, 2013
Dec 01, 2013
well Dustin skull thorn grew up in night side and was raised by dworgyn but he ran away at six years old and hid out in a castle until the age thirteen and then started his training for being a wizard but he is still trying to figur out what side he is on he starting to turn bad he has been learnibg dark magic lately and i don't know what to think

friend of Dustin skull thorn lvl 16 felling cool today and also a little curious

Dec 28, 2013
Colin StormWraith is from Avalon, but his father was from Grizzleheim. His Mom was from Wizard City. He was born in a small hut on a summer day. Then the invasion started. Sadly, his father died, but his mom and himself escaped to the spiral door (since the father had a key to wizard city) and went to wizard city. Colin StormWraith studies the magical art of storm, as did his father. his mother was a caring Life wizard who lived happily for the rest of her days. Colin is on his own now, traveling the spiral and saving it. One day he hopes to come back to Avalon to save it.

Colin StormWraith lvl 50 Diviner

May 17, 2009
mine is I was born in marlybone in hyde park then we moved to colossus boulevard near the ice castle.

I love this game so much!

Sarah Unicornflower

May 30, 2013
Stephen ThunderLeaf was born in Fort Rrachias,Khrysalis and got his powers drained from him by Malistaire and then got sent to Wizardcity to learn magic again and now is in his Amber Estate training.

Oct 20, 2011
Here's the story of my own character, Jessica UnicornTail:
Jessica Unicorntail was born in MooShu at Hamestu Village and was put in a adoption center. Her parents were unkown by the time she was adopted. Then she was adopted by the balance teacher. She was originally going to be life, but she was taught balance instead. When Jessica UnicornTail realized that her place she was born was invaded with ninja pigs, she joined RavenWood. Merie Ambrose was impressed by her skills. She already knew locus swarm, and some of the basic spells when she got there!

Dec 23, 2010
Natalie Dream was born in Marleybone, where she grew up in a prestigious home on Regent's Square.
She now owns a house there, but travels through the many worlds in the Spiral studying mainly ice pvp :)

Now currently a warlord, she hopes to make it to the top of the leaderboards!

Mar 05, 2013
The provenance of the Young Wizard known as Valdus HawkFlame is sketchy at best. He was found in a wicker basket outside of the Balance School near the Krokosphinx. Moved by pity, Alazred raised him as if he was his own. Unfortunately for Alazred and the other Krocs, Valdus proved to be an unruly child, with a penchant for practical jokes. He was shipped off to Marleybone to live with the Dreadfuls, in the hopes that interaction with his own race would prove a boon. It did not. His behavior worsened to the point that he was hanging out with O'Learys and appearing to all to be destined to a life of Crime. An unexpected patron came into the picture. Snack vendor Gordon Sumner, who had felt the 'Sting' of disapproval as a child, took Young Valdus under his wing and molded him into an acceptable, if not spectacular Citizen. Valdus grew up without further incident. Cynics and pessimists would describe Valdus as 'homeless', as he has yet to settle on any permanent domicile. He prefers to describe his situation as 'fluid', keeping his options open. Valdus has spent a great deal of time on Avalon and became fast friends with Page Jimmy. They are Dazed and Confused for much of the time, yet manage to avoid being Trampled Underfoot or bitten by Black Dogs.

Aug 15, 2010
My wizard, Alex Spellstaff, is from the happy, calm world of Mooshu!

Oct 27, 2011
Ethan NightHammer:
He was born in Regent Square, in Marleybone. He still lives there today. When he was young, he was sent
to various dungeons to test his skills. He lost in all of them. He felt sad after that. Soon after he discovered Wizard City. He went there to start training and learning spells.

Connor LifeBlade:
He was born in Ravenwood. He still lives there. He was immediately sent to learn life magic, from

Brianna SwiftForge:
Her birthplace is unknown. After her parents passed away, she decided to run far away from home.
She ended up in a frosty wasteland in Wintertusk. She spent 10 days looking for a home, until Grandmother Raven saw her suffering. She decided to make settlement in Hrundle Fjord.
Grandmother Raven soon told her about Merle Ambrose and magic. She soon went there, and started learning ice magic, and soon to be returning to her new home...

May 15, 2010
Megan Gold Wizard, Lvl. 76

Megan came from Zafaria in the Savannah, still lives there

Oct 03, 2012
Megan Gold on Jan 30, 2014 wrote:
Megan Gold Wizard, Lvl. 76

Megan came from Zafaria in the Savannah, still lives there
hi im seththunder grove level 28 Im a member my wizard is from marlybone home of the dog.

Feb 05, 2011
Jared Shadowbreaker was born and raised in Avalon. He became an amazing Life Wizard when he moved to The Ravenwood Shool of Magical Arts. He is a level 78 Life Wizard.