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What world is you're wizard from?

May 29, 2011
Okay ill put my two wizards on here 1.Isaac Icestaff an orphan was born in dragonspyre before the great war when he grew up to be 20 he fought in the dragon titan war as a soldier he was the last wizard/warrior in dragonspyre he now resides in zafaria in his personalized sunpalace and usually hangs out in the death tower in scarecrow 2.Isaac Darkcloud was lost and was found as a baby in avalon he was taken to krokotopia and explored many worlds he now resides in wizardcity . Isaac Icestaff lvl 54 Isaac Darkcloud lvl 1-3 maybe 4

Oct 26, 2010
Wolf HawkBreaker was a student of Ra, before Malistaire came. Wolf would travel from his home in the Oasis to the Krokosphinx every day to learn the magic of Balance. One day, Ra told Wolf and his students he would have to leave for a while to do an errand. Wolf didn't know what the errand was. Little did he know, the errand was that Merle Ambrose called Ra to defeat Malistaire before he took over the spiral. Ra accepted, but Malistaire's undead army was too strong for Ra to handle. Ra never came back to the balance school. One day, a substitute came in. His name was Alhazred. Alhazred was just as good and/or better than Ra. But on Malistaire's venture into Krokotopia, he destroyed the balance school and erased everyone's memory. Wolf woke up next to Merle Ambrose and Gamma, who were looking down at him. Wolf later was enrolled into the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and was learning Balance magic yet again from Arthur Wethersfield. Luckily, Arthur told Wolf that he could no longer teach him Balance magic because he was stepping up a level, and he ventured into Alhazred's newly built Balance school. Little did Wolf know, he would get to cast Ra to aid him in battle from the secrets of Alhazred. One day, Merle called Wolf into his office. Merle found where Wolf was from. The scroll said he was originally from Mirage, the land of sand. Mirage was conquered by Malistaire, and Wolf was given to Ra as a present for his birthday. Wolf couldn't believe it, HE WAS THE SON OF RA! Even though Wolf has defeated all dark sources from WizardCity to Azteca, he ventures through each world looking for Ra. Ra's whereabouts were unknown, until Wolf went to Mirage. Ra was in Mirage, and Wolf was very happy. He finally met his father again, and saw his home land once again.

Wolf HawkBreaker Promethean

Seth Storm Archmage

Nathan BlueSinger Archmage

Alex Sea Grandmaster

Dustin NightBlade Grandmaster

Valdus OwlEyes Grandmaster

"Stuffs hard. We get it. Now go."

May 21, 2012
Hi! I'm new to the forums. My three wizards are from:

Sierra SpellMancer: Zafaria
Autumn Soul: Darkmour
My Ice Wizard (can't remember her name): Grizzleheim

May 15, 2009
Natalie IceRiver

Born in Avalon, IceRiver was raised in Celestia. Other wizards think she is from Dragonspyre with her mere Russian accent. Her parents, now residing in Marleybone, forced her to go to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Natalie's father, Brahm Thunderwielder, is old buddies with Merle Ambrose. Brahm was suprised when Natalie exceeded at the tutorial. Natalie has no fear, just like her father.

Madison TrollBlood

Madison was born in Marleybone. Madison remembers hearing about the things Meowiarty was doing. She wanted to help. Young Madison begged her father, Alejandro DreamSlinger, to let her enroll in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. He gave in. Her father didn't believe her daughter could do it. But young TrollBlood did.

Sarai StormSinger

Sarai was born in a small house in Azteca before it was overtook by Aztecosaurs. Then her father, John DeathBane, decided to move so young Sarai would be safe. When they got to Krokotopia, which is where DeathBane decided they should reside, there was a vigorous sandstorm. John DeathBane ran away to MooShu and left Sarai. Years later, Merle found her. Merle decided to enroll in her Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. During the quiz, Merle could tell Sarai was strong, that's why she is Storm.

May 24, 2012
Little Dragon Spar... on May 15, 2013 wrote:
I, Nathaniel Redflame, came from the two worlds of Dragonspyre and Celestia. I've been studying at the fire school in Dragonspyre Academy for years now. I've been going to the original fire school, and attend the gifted program in Wysteria. Once a week I visit the school of Ember in Wysteria for spells similar to those of fire. I also attend gifted at my other homeworld, Celestia, to attend the schools of Sun, Moon and Star. Since it's three schools, I go there 3 times a week. Let me introduce my parents. Malistaire is my father, and Morganthe is my lovely mother. I plan on destroying the spiral with them. (Don't tell them this, but that's only because I want to show you guys the Milky Way. Once the Spiral Door broke and took me to some weird "planet" (as they call it there) Earth.) They think it's because I hate you all. Sorry, but I still love them . My least favorite world near Earth is Mars. It's evil! It's red, which tricks you into expecting fire there, put when I flew there on one of Earth's space probes (whatever the heck that is), but I still have frostbite from those giant mountains of ice! I asked my friend, Vanessa Ice, if she knew the cure. She said to let any fire wizard cast Sun Serpent on me -_- . I told her I'm not risking my life in Azteca, but then Dalia Falmea accidently fumbled her wand and nearly killed me. But my frostbite's is almost cured thanks to my near death. I now like to spend my time secretly helping Headmaster Ambrose with saving the world. I just hope my parents don't find out. And yes, I know I'm both killing and saving the spiral, but I'll think of something. Just don't show this to Ambrose, because I got in detention for making up "nonsense" about people who don't believe in magic and Malistaire + Morganthe being my parents. Well bye! I have to go do another hour at detention now. Just 3 more years until my detention is over.

-Yours truly,
Nathaniel Redflame
Magus Pyromacer,
Rank 5 elite.
awesome me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 29, 2012
I'll post my three main wizards.

Emma Stormshade grew up in Avalon, Castle Avalon to be specific. She trained in Weirwood for years to attempt to learn Sorcery, and eventually succeeded. She currently lives in a castle not far from the Wild, but she has a tapestry enchanted so she has permanent access to Caliburn.

Keira Ashshard grew up in a world called Darkmoor, on the far edges of the Spiral. She eventually left after fully training in Necromancy, and went to Wizard City. It took ten minutes for her to get in some form of trouble and she got out of there as soon as she could. She now resides in a hidden part of the Ancient Burial Grounds in Mooshu.

Brooklyn Hexgrove was raised in Celestia for years, until the attack of the Crustaceans. She reluctantly left for Marleybone, and then to Wizard City, where she learned Storm magic, and became a skilled Diviner. She now lives in a Marleybonian house, with decorations from Celestia so she has some reminder of her old home.

Yea, work in progress.

Apr 26, 2011
Rachel SpellCaster Drake was born in unknown, but was raised by Malistaire and Sylvia Drake. When Sylvia died, he lost it and desperately tried to get her back. Not wanting to be hurt by malistaire's crazy actions, Rachel moved to Haunted Cave, Wizard City, over by NIghtShade's Tower. Rachel studies necromancy from Dworgyn in NIghtside. (not that she needs much studying. She was raised by the best necromancer EVER!)

RachelSpellCaster Necromancer

Feb 29, 2012
Ooh, interesting! Here are mine:

Emma Stormshade was raised in Avalon, in the Wild to be exact. She worked her hardest for years there, and finally learned what she needed to- Sorcery. Over the years she started weaponry training, which caused short visits to Zafaria, Azteca, and Dragonspyre. She currently resides not far off from Castle Avalon, in a palace which has a tapestry enchanted so she can visit Avalon whenever she likes.

Keira Ashshard was raised in a world deemed Darkmoor, found on the further edges of the Spiral. She learned Necromancy there, and eventually came to Wizard City to further advance her studies. Of course, it took less than ten minutes for something to get her into serious trouble, so she evacuated and currently resides in a hidden part of the Ancient Burial Grounds of Mooshu.

Brooklyn (Brooke) Hexgrove was raised in Celestia for most of her life. She was originally from Marleybone, but came with those who went to Celestia. She did study Storm magic and science with a dog she knew well, named Edith Benchley, but had to leave once the Crustaceans attacked. She went back to Marleybone, and lives there to this day in a Marleybonian apartment decorated to remind her of Celestia.

Yea, they're works in progress. XD (Edit: I accidentally posted this twice, so sorry! My IPad messed it up )

Jan 21, 2011
Blaze Mythmancer was raised in Avalon in the Wild and was was taught the elite art of Myth by the one and only Earlicker, who was at that time the King's most loyal servant ...

May 05, 2012
Blaze WildBreaker was born on the world Dragonspyre, in The Labyrinth, to learn the art of pyromancy. He was an only child with a mother and a father. Every day he would see the large bodies of lava, hoping one day that he would master fire. But one day, Malistaire brought his undead army to obtain the power of the Dragon Titan. One tragic night, an evil warrior killed Blaze's parents. Blaze had no choice but to leave his home and go to Wizard City. When he arrived, he started to learn the art of fire taught by the professor Dalia Falmea and one day, use his strength to defeat Malistaire and take back his home.

Mar 12, 2013
Upon learning she was accepted at Ravenwood, Cheyenne River packed her backpack and waited on the far side of the Caer Lyon bridge for a ride to the spiral gate.

She would be leaving behind the fog-shrouded, clammy highlands of her home village for Wizard City, bathed in golden sun and sparkling with fountains and streams.

When she arrived, she took a deep breath of the warm spring air. Unfortunately, her reserved flat turned out to be a drafty attic in Colossus Blvd, right on the corner of Briskbreeze and Borealis. As soon as she saw it, her heart sank.

She was miserable for much of her first term. Although Falmea took pity on her and taught her some early area heating spells, much of her study time was spent huddled in the library or trying to power link her frozen fingers back to life.

That winter, she was studying for finals in her attic, bundled in her heavy coat. The noisy gobbler family next door was having its usual argument over a crate of chickens. Finally Cheyenne closed her A & B* and went to bed, but it was too cold to sleep.

Using a piece of carnelian Falmea gave her, she tried a little sympathy to start a wee flame in the sleeping alcove. Her teeth chattered as she spoke the words, and somehow the spell came out wrong. Instead of a miniature dancing flame, a black iron gate appeared, and then burst open with a bang. Out came a massive, fire-wreathed helephant, filling the room with superheated air. Cheyenne's coat and hair suddenly burst into flame with a whump.

As the helephant roared and crackled, Cheyenne frantically slapped at her hair and clothes. She grabbed Sammy the krok and stuffed her into a pillowcase and fled down the stairs, past screaming gobblers. Everyone stood outside in the icy wind, watching the house burn down.

Thus she came to share a dorm room with four other wizards.

*Alhazred & Balestrom Treatise on Elemental Magic, the basic textbook for both Balance and elemental schools' first year.

Feb 12, 2011
My wizard rylee rainbowsong used to live in a gorgeous world not far off wizard city but still unknown but when she was a year old morganthe ( sorry if its not spelled right ) destroyed the world and her parents sent her to earth until she was 14 when she started to get her powers now she lives on a island near her old home and is a teacher at the spiral legends school of magical arts in Avalon and is trying to destroy morganthe and bring back her world with her friends. ( their back stories coming soon when I think of them )

rylee rainbowsong level 31

Mar 12, 2013
The first day of class, Ryan Goldbloom was late.

Growing up in no-nonsense Marleybone, she had never before seen a wizard, nor did she know the first thing about rings, athames, magical robes, or any of that.

She fumbled with her hat, tripped over her novice robe, and couldn't find her piggle. The dorm tower lay directly opposite the Myth school, where her morning class had already just begun. In a hurry, she took a shortcut behind the Storm building, and soon regretted it as she squelched across the rain-sodden muddy lawn.

As soon as she opened the door of the lecture hall, time seemed to stop. The crisp and sardonic voice of Professor Drake fell silent and every head swiveled to look at her.

"So nice of you to finally grace us with your ineffable presence, Miss Goldbloom," he drawled. Turning to the class, he raised an eyebrow. "We may finally begin our lesson, now that Miss Goldbloom is here to demonstrate the Te Tero* against our clockwork golem here."

"Er, uhh...um..." she stammered, panic closing her throat.

Cyrus Drake's usual mask of disdain slowly spread into a sneer. "Oh for heaven's sake, sit down!" he finally said with withering exasperation. Ryan sank into a seat.

"Ryan Goldbloom, please see me after class. Thank you." Cyrus sat down at his desk at once, pointedly ignoring Ryan standing in front of him. Only after several minutes did he speak again, without looking up.

"Mop and bucket are in the closet behind the scroll rack. You are also going to need new boots. I will not tolerate tardiness or wilful ignorance in my classroom. Thank you."

She fumed as she mopped up her tracks. At length her mind wandered. Te Tero? Te Tero. Te tero roma manu nuda date tela. I will tear you down with my bare hands; to arms. I knew this. I knew this even before starting wizard school. Attila the Hun, that was it. But why?

Was he ... a conjurer? And what spell was it?

* Snobbish conjurers refer to the Shatter spell by its opening words.

Dec 12, 2012
Sylvia Lynn Dragonflame the First's (later named Monica) past is unknown but many think she was from different worlds and places. Once Ambrose met her, he knew she was from Dragonspyre. Here is her story.

Monica was born in Dragonspyre. She lived with dragons and learned . She learned as well. she thought she was the luckiest girl ever. However, Malistere (i don't know how to spell) attacked. When Monica tried to fight back, he cleared her memory. She fled and went to her mom and dad, but they said that there was no time and that Dragonspyre was now dangerous. She wanted to learn her magic again, and finally her grandma said she should go to Wizard City. Monica knew Ravenwood and Dragonspyre Acadamy ( i don't know how to spell) didn't get along, but she knew she had no choice. She went to Wizard City and signed up for and . She had a wizard disguise because she knew anyone could join except for one kind of student. Dragons. Cyrus quickly learned her secret and told Ambrose. Monica was scared. Was she going to be expelled? Would she never get home? Ambrose told her that she couldn't join, but when she explained that Malistere was attacking her home and there was no time to learn there, he understanded and let her stay in Ravenwood Magic Arts. From now one, Monica is in Wizard City and has a dragon-themed home. She will one day beat Malistere.

That is her story. If I make more wizards, I will tell their stories too.

Monica 28 (not 27)

" The Dragon Wisperer"

May 29, 2009
Anthony Ashcatcher was born in Mooshu where he was ambushed by a gang of ninja pig bandits at the age of 9. He realized he needed a way to protect himself. So he went to the great Moodha and asked him what to do. Moodha told him to go to ravenwood, and study magic because Moodha sensed something bad would happen to the emperor soon. So Anthony went to ravenwood and studied until he could summon a dark fairy to attack his opponent. He used the magic of necromancy to overpower his opponents. Soon enough, he reached nightshade. After many times losing he finally outsmarted the fiendish wraith. He then learned the secret Bartleby had been keeping the entire time: he was a spiral door. After walking through, he found himself in a dry hot place known as krokotopia, the land of the manders. After battling tuts over and over again, he reached the final one, krokopatra. With a friend, Oran Firesmith, he defeated the evil queen only to find it was too late, the queen had sent the krokonomicon to marleybone, where he would have a really hard time retrieving it. After going to marleybone, he asked for the coffin where the krokonomicon was hidden. Anthony was told that he couldn't unless he contributed to their gang problem. He ended their problem and came back for his book, only to find it had been stolen by malistaire and meowiarty. Finally, he found out that he could return back to his home world of Mooshu, where the emperor was sick. Moodha was right, the emperor had a problem and he had to fix it. So he searched the world of Mooshu for the cure to his beloved emperor, and also got his vengeance on the ninja pigs who had attacked him before. With the might of his new spell, wraith he saved the emperor and traveled to dragonspyre, where he defeated Malisaire, once and for all. Anthony Ashcatcher lvl 70

May 11, 2011
My wizard, Morgrim Myth, was originally from a lost world known as Olympia, where Myth rules all. One day, after the other types of wizards from all over the spiral tried to take down the Legend Masters (aka the Gods of Myth), the Legend Masters realized that they needed a new Legend Master. They each donated a little power. First Blood Soarer, then Grukklehuegh Trollklub, Old Uni-eye, Grand Lord Lily Pad Leaper, Bullheart of the Stampede, The Spirit of the Rumbling Ground, DoubleHound, Lady o' Serpent, Scales the Poison Stunner, and the Gods of the Celestial Calender.But when the great conjurer's birth was completed, They were shot with a super spell that sent there council flying far away. By then the only people alive there were Morgrim Myth and Old Uni-eye, who was turning into stone. He then put Morgrim into part of the council hall. He then held Morgrim's home on his shoulders and turned into stone. Morgrim grew up and by the time he matured, Merle Ambrose brought him to Wizard City.
Years later, the last piece of Olympia, now known as the Myth House, is a historic artifact where the cyclops Old Uni-eye still stands, stuck as a statue.

Oct 29, 2012
William comes from the Grizzlehiem. He was born and raised as a smith, and forged great weapons for worriers. He knew nothing about magic until one day he made a magic wan for a raven. The raven never came for his wand, so he tried out some magic, and a large blast of ice came out. He was then teleported to raven wood were he learned ice magic. He left to rule a small part Grizzlehiem witch he now calls home.

Mar 07, 2010
Nathaniel strong born in avalon. Raised by Unamed creatures from grizzleheim after his parents were lost in the map of the spiral. He discovered his abilities at age ten when he saw a troll bullying an pixie delivering wisps to unicorn way. He summoned cyclops and then on his life was dedicated to learn the secrets of myth from his teacher cyrus drake. He moved to avalon after the falling of the meteors in azteca which caused his home to be destroyed. He is now a promethean conjurer who has now became an avalon knight helping many wizards throught the spiral.

Jun 01, 2009
Kestrel Stormdreamer (Age 4) was originally from Mooshu, but her family was attacked by samoorai and captured. Kestrel's mother from marley bone told her to hide and Kestrel listened. Kestrel and her mother were the only known survivors from the attack and her mother told Kestrel to run away to Marleybone. When Kestrel arrived at Marleybone she was all alone, And since being a half Marleybonian and Mooshuanese she was a beautiful girl. She was then captured by cats and was raised by them. Their hideout was soon discovered (Age 6 ) and her Cat Mother and Father told her to run to the nearest world and run as fast as she could. She ended up in Krokotopia (Age 7 ) raised by Manders and still resides there. (Age 11 )

Jul 10, 2012
my wizard morgan bluestone archmage lives in marleybone in chelsey court just down from the dreadfuls

May 16, 2011
Connor Moonstone was born in the great pyramid of Krokotopia. Desperate to get away from the war that raged between the three krok nations, Connor fled to Wizard City where he learned much of the ways of balance. Knowing that his current teacher no longer had anything to teach him, he made his return trip to Krokotopia. Seeing that everything was peaceful, he later resided there for the time being.

Aaron Deathwraith's birthplace is unknown, and even he doesn't know where he was born. Although his name suggests being a death wizard, he actually is a fire wizard. He thinks he was born in Dragonspyre, and that may be true but the truth will come out in the next worlds to come.

Aaron Deathwraith -wizard
Connor Moonstone -wizard

Jun 01, 2009
crunkatog on May 4, 2013 wrote:
Cheryl Crow is from Jacksonville, Florida.

She and another girl were at church after Wednesday night services one hot and muggy evening.

Just as they were turning out the lights and getting ready to leave, a pickup truck pulled into the church parking lot and several grim-looking men hopped out, carrying gasoline cans and wooden beams. They were going to burn down the little church and plant a burning cross on the front step.

Cheryl and her friend tried to escape through the side door, but one of the men had circled around the side, laying brush and gas-soaked rags next to the door. There was no way they could escape without being seen. So they retreated into the sanctuary and cowered under the altar cloth hoping to avoid being burned.

Meanwhile, the sky took on the color of a week-old bruise and the air stank of ozone and heat. Ball lightning flashed over the parking lot. A figure in a white hood and robe climbed out of the driver's seat of the pickup and leaned against it, instructing the men to raise the wooden cross and light it.

As the men hove the heavy wooden cross upright in the grass, suddenly a searing white beam of lightning transfixed the cross and the men on the lawn. It arced to the pickup and instantly killed the hooded figure. The discharge veritably nailed the men to the earth as it ran to ground through their flesh. Its impact boiled the soggy lawn underneath them, throwing clods of sod three feet into the air around the cross.

Cheryl fainted in terror.

The cross and tinder caught fire, flaring around the little wooden and tar paper church. Within seconds, the building was wrapped in flames.

At that moment the heavens sagged open and unleashed a dense curtain of rain, which ran down the trees and walls of the church in massive torrents and doused the fire.

The church miraculously untouched, the little girl emerged unhurt - but Cheryl disappeared. She woke up in the Ravenwood Infirmary, a new believer in divine(r) providence.
-_- seriously, a church, Florida?!?! You've got to be kidding me.

Dec 20, 2008
As we all know, the Wizard101 world has a backstory, so I thought I'd ask you all, "what is your wizard's backstory?" I'll provide you mine. (By the way, I do not care how your wizard got to Ravenwood, as long as he or she gets there, but not from a world on the Spiral [And making sure it makes a lick of sense]).
Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability.

Originally named, Alex, he was a very studious student back on Earth, while studying endlessly to impress those around him. He had many friends, and close relationships with his family. One day, he received a strange package in the mail from his father, who was on a trip out of the country. Alex opened the package and found a strange looking necklace, that had a medallion broken in half. His father said "that even after countless gluing and other attempts to put it back together, I failed, so maybe you might just like to have a token, and knowing I will be home in just several days. (Keep in mind that our wizards are mysteriously called to Ravenwood)" His mother found him, the note, and encouraged him by saying, "Maybe you can fix it." So Alex took the pieces from boxes and put the halves into place, and it seemed the two halves came together almost at the touch. The necklace glowed brightly, and something happened, he saw an old man in some sort of wizardry robe and an owl standing next to a crystal ball, then it all went black. As Alex passed out, he saw something in the darkness of his mind, a standing figure. This figure had long blue hair, and looked prepared for any battle with what appeared to be a deck of cards. As he drew one, he summoned many mythical beasts and other things of story. Then the wizard looked Alex in the eye and said, "Who are you? Why have you fixed my gift?" To which Alex responded, "I'm Alex, and it was sent to me, I had no idea this would happen." The wizard replied, "I am Hunter Myth, an old student of Ravenwood, I doubt you have heard of this school, as it teaches magic, far beyond your pathetic capabilities," Hunter replied. "Now wait, that's uncalled for," Alex said, and then met with a Medusa. "Now Medusa, make him regret repairing my amulet!" Medusa unleashed her attack, but Alex was left still standing. "What, you survived? Maybe you're not as weak as I thought. However, I can't just rely on your standing strength, I must have your skill, so I am bringing you to revive a legacy that has been erased. My legacy. You're going to Ravenwood!" Hunter told him. "Wait, I can't leave here," Alex said. "It is too late," Hunter replied. Alex's mind went dark again, and he woke up on the side of a street near a large tower. "Well, hello!" He heard a voice call, it was the old wizard he saw in his vision. And so Alex was summoned to Wizard City to match beyond what he thought he was capable of, and he completely forgot his origins back on Earth, as he was now Hunter Myth.

Hopefully you enjoyed, I am interested in your story!
Hunter Myth, , Myth Magician.

Mar 02, 2009
Alyssa Fairycatcher

came from dragonspyre but when malistare attacked her family died. she became a servant to malistare but she escaped one day. a foster family adopted her and cared for her in marleybone. when she was 15 she decided to to study more magic and get better at it but then malistare came to marleybone and killed her foster family she tried to fight back at him but then she fainted. malistare spared her life. she woke up in wizard city hospital and started her mission to defeat mailstare once and for all.

Mar 02, 2009
I also forgot to put this in Alyssa fairycatcher's story

she can give people her memory's therefore she is hunted and people want her because she's seen something very rare. she stays in the shadows as much as possible.

( she is life as well)