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two strange things

Jun 03, 2009
Ok,so one time in celestia,I was in the stellarium battling with my friend and his friend and when my friend cast pixie,a message appeared on the screen and I think it said something about feasting on our health.Also,when the enemy cast a spell,I cast a helephant for zero pips.The enemy goes first,then my friend,then his friend,then me.But the enemy goes first.Are these bugs?
Michael Sprite Shard lvl 54 Grandmaster Pyromancer Master Of Fire

Jun 09, 2009
That boss cheats, do not use healing spells or he uses strong spells for no pips.

Jun 03, 2009
Ok,but I don't get the helephant for zero pips straight after the enemy.
Michael Sprite Shard lvl 54 Grandmaster Pyromancer Master Of Fire

Sep 11, 2010
A lot of the bosses in Celestia cheats. I'm tempted to say that most of the optional bosses are profound cheaters, too.

Some bosses will shield themselves if you use high-pip spells. Some will trap you every time you cast a spell. Some heal themselves when you heal. Some cast a Colossus on you if you heal. Some will weaken you if you use low-pip spells. And so on, and so forth.

If you cannot check up on each boss before you attack them, then observe what happens when you use specific spells, and try to work out their pattern as quick as possible. Or do yourself the favour of finding someone who can figure out or knows said pattern, and pay attention to what they tell you (meaning that if your walking boss-library tells you not to use a heck hound or judgement on them, it's not because they are trying to dare you to use it).