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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Dec 15, 2012
1. Your eyesight is horrible! (like me I'm getting new glasses)
2. Your mother says "You've been on the computerfor 5 hours!" everyday.
3. All you ever play is this game and you don't notice.
4. Your always like "One minute mom! Don't you see I'm playing Wizard 101?!?!"
5 All you do when you come home is play wizard101.
6. You start to talk about it everyday (like me!)
7. You have a freakout if it doesn't load! ( Me again!!)
8. You start to dress up like a wizard. (wierd right?)
9. You ask everyone " Do you play wizard101?" (Me Again!)
10. You watch Wizard101 on youtube everyday! ( Meeeeee!!!!!)

Erin Blueheart
Level 35
Magus Theugirest (Sorry for bad spelling)

Hope you read this.

Apr 29, 2011
OMG I have done all of theses posts except for quitting my job cause I to young to have a job XD. :P this is so funny I think this is my favorite topic to post on. XD I wizard 101, I am addicted and I will say it loud and proudly

May 18, 2012
None of these apply to me

10. You kill your cat thinking he is Meowiarty
9. You try to play the music on your ipod
8. You spray paint an elephant and call it a Jade oni.
7. You break in to a barn and dress all the animals like they would be in moo-shu
6. You constantly are trying to summon a minion.
5. You take gummy bears and turn them into gummy firecats.
4. You turn your house into the commons
3. You call your teacher Cyrus Drake when he is mean.
2. You get a box, put it on your head, write "Rank 7 elite" and walk down the street.
1. You think that your dad is Malistaire

Dec 08, 2011
Your dogs get bored with you so they go spend time with your parents while you play Wizard101. Or else, they start to whine and cry to get your attention, tehn go spend time with Grandpa and Grandma.

Mar 13, 2012
Here's a few!:

1: You draw a spell on a small piece of papper and paint the outline gold and go onto a busy park or something and scream," I JUST CRAFTED A TREASRE CARD!!!"

2: If it's winter and your an ice wizard, you jump into the snow and stay out there for like, 14 hours and then walk back in with frostbite thinking you will resist it.

3: This one is weird, you have nightmares of malistaire cooking all the ninja pigs and eating all the bacon and feeding some to the shadow webs and wake up screaming " MEH BACON, MEH BACON!!!!" and run to your kitchen and cook all the bacon. O. o ( I love bacon....)

4: (If your a kid in elementry or middle school...) All you do during rescess is play Wiz101, like your the spells!!

5 (last one) : You daydream about stuff like your school ALL day.... and dream about it too...

Yep, I'm addicted! But I love it!!! ~Alura Battleheart, level 74 pyromancer

Jul 10, 2009
spellcaster3001 wrote:
There is no way you found a door in a tree.
No, you see, when your that addicted the laws of physics bend.

Haley MoonHeart also thinks ant mounts are a good idea

Dec 06, 2012
I have a few more,

1.You have every mount in the game.

2. You try to get your parents to buy you a pig so you can dress it up like a ninja pig.

3. You have a very detailed dream about playing the whole game again.

4.You attempt to summon a minion in real life.

5.You go to a pet store and try to buy a mega snack pack with crowns.

6.This one if sort of odd and just kept happening to me, you dream your level 47 and level up to level 48 and get your long awaited new spell, but then you wake up and realise you did not level up nor gain your new spell.

7.You glue a ton of gnomes together hoping they will transform into the gnomes! spell.

8.You dream you delete your max level wizard and when you wake up you launch out of bed rush to the computer to make sure your beloved promethean still lives on.

9.You day dream every second of the day while your away from your computer that you are a wizard and you find a stick and start trying to cast a spell.

10.You go around asking random people to gift you a pack.

Dec 18, 2010
I have one, really I have three.

1. first thing you wanna do each morning is play w101 ( guilty )
2. when you go to sleep at night, you dream about w101 and think you're really playing. ( also guilty )
3. each time when you get to school, you tell your teacher every single detail about your w101 adventures ..... even if they don't know a single thing you're talking about. ( guilty again lol )

kiley lightleaf lvl 80 balance wizard

Sep 21, 2011
I think i am addicted because wizard101 expired me to start making up my own w101 people and monsters

I am also on this website too much

Jul 18, 2010
1. start making your own quests and pretending to do them
2. waking up at 3:00 in the morning sneak downstairs and play until morning, then say " you were just getting water" (ive done that before!!!! XD)
3.Humming w101 music
4. dreaming your a warlord/ highest lvl
5. Play every single day
6. Imaging you had all the best mounts and pets
7. pretending to make your own w101 videos
8. inviting our friends constantly for crowns
9. making 100 accounts and adding each of your wizards to each other
10. Scream or talk aloud when you fizzle or they cast a shield

I know i play too much !!

Mar 12, 2013
10. When your car breaks down, you go to the docks and punch a squid in hopes he will drop a free mount
9. You don't worry about getting hit by lightning because it has only a 70% hit rating
8. Your cat gets a steady diet of broccoli and cheese
7. You have seriously discussed with a friend whether Fire Elf or Sunbird would be better for cooking steaks
6. You go to a museum and see a mummy and think "I wonder what his drops are"
5. You wander about in public parks looking for mist wood
4. You believe pigs hatch from eggs
3. You explain to your dentist that your school's snacks are all desserts
2. When you see a box of Lucky Charms cereal, you check to make sure you have enough pips
1. You try to buy a crafting recipe for your Visa Gold card in case you ever use it.

Jul 28, 2012
nuber 5: you doodle all over your note book, pappers, arms , friends arms, friends paper, ect. also talking not stop about the game.
........ guilty

Sep 09, 2012
10. you think a bald man is cyrus drake
9. you love w101 so much you dream about it (guilty)
i got others but i'll say those

Jul 16, 2012
Arenlor wrote:
Just hope your boss doesn't play.
Or your principal.

Jul 16, 2012
IamLezul on Nov 8, 2009 wrote:
U know your playing WAYY too much when you get ready to teleport to your house in the middle of a long drive. LOL, yah i do this too much.

HIA2W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HELP, I'M ADDICTED 2 WIZARD101!)
Or pressing x to try and skip it.

Jul 16, 2012
Ooh, I've got one! Pressing space to skip boring conversation. Soon, that WILL happen to me.

Jul 16, 2012
Destiny Dodger Dra... on Mar 10, 2010 wrote:
You've been playing to much when:

1 You go up to some older person in the store and say "Did I get called back to Grizzleheim yet Mr. Ambrose?"

2 You point at someones scarf and say "I got mine from a pixie!"

3 Instead of laughing you just say "LOL".

4 Point to a car and say "I want a mount like that!"

5 Someone gets hurt and you throw a toy unicorn at them.

6 You dont know why they didnt like getting hit with a unicorn.
My version of #3 is saying "grin" instead of smiling.
True story.

Mar 05, 2011
1. Dream of beating that warlord friend of yours that no one wins against (thats right Hunter Nightstalker i'm looking at you)
2. Say LOL/LOLZ out loud
3. Post on the message boards ;)
4. Look at PvP vids to see others strategies
5. See a guy/girl not wearing any clothes and say "what a noob"
6. Make references to the game in conversation
7. Tell all your friends about how your wizard is doing
8. Shuffle through your folder looking for your spells
9. After a round of cards say "I need a reshuffle!"
10. While out of town try to play the game off hotel Wifi

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade

BONUS: Think of your signature on the wizard101 message boards

Mar 21, 2013
Here are some reasons-
1. Not wanting to go to Florida for spring break, just so you can play Wizard101
2. Paying Attention to the forums everyday on Vacation.
3. Buying crowns so much that you get suspended from buying them (I know I can't be the only one.)
4. Asking your friends what level they are every time you get on just to make sure they didn't pass you.
5. Thinking about Wizard101 everyday on vacation.
6. Thinking about Wizard101 all day in school.
7. Getting every bundle available (I have all except Epic and Pagoda)
8. Wanting to work at King Isle.
9. Having multiple accounts
10. And finally getting most of your friends hooked on the game after one day of them playing.

Am I Right?

Dec 17, 2011
MikeStrath wrote:
I think these ought to be the #1 and #2 indicators.

Though maybe having Dreams about your characters should slide in there someplace.
That for sure :P I get dreams about my characters.

Blake FireGem

Dec 17, 2011
chatter2000 on Nov 8, 2009 wrote:
I have a weird one: Dressing up as a wizard101 spell for Halloween ( I tried to do that once and be a ninja pig but there was no pig costume but there was a ninja costume)

Oh and trying to shape your food into wizard hats and cards and stuff like that.

Oh and having a dream that you were playing wizard101 and on the computer screen you were playing wizard101 and on the computer screen you were playing wizard101 and on the computer screen you were playing wizard101 and on the computer screen ect. ect.
I pretty much know about that, i tried dressing up as my wizard for halloween. XD

Blake FireGem

May 29, 2009
Rihanna12 on Jan 22, 2011 wrote:
1. You see bats out during a storm that look purple in the air and shout, "LIGHTNING BATS!"
2. You get sunburned and blame it on Ra
3. You don't get anywhere close to a red bird because you think it's a sunbird and think you'll get lit on fire if you get too close to it
4. You act out a spell infront of a crowd of people and almost none of those people know the game
5. You run up to someone's cat and shout, "Zeke! Zeke! I found a cat!"
6. You want to be called by your wizard's name
7. You download Wizard101 on all the computers at your school/work and play it.
8. You say you/they hit critical when something really good happens
9. Draw a symbol in the air and expect something to happen
10. Have a nightmare/dream about a spell

Number 10 has actually happened to me lol. One time I crossed my fingers it wouldn't happen for one spell lol.

Caroline Sunbright, Level 60 Life
Number 10 happened to me for wraith but i was the wraith.

Anthony Ashcatcher lvl 63 death waterworks warrior

Apr 20, 2010
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

i do hum it but i know I`m humming it .

Nov 07, 2012
Fallon Sea on Mar 17, 2010 wrote:
You start being your charachter, but worse. You pretend to be your charachter is real life and start to become obsessed wil greek mythology. I've pretended I was in the Hedge Maze form Harry Potter, only trying to find a shpere that is green(the shere of life). Yup, you start to make things up, like you save the day by defeating Malistaire in your school. Or you are the daughter of apollo and athena and your great ancestor is Merlin. I'm loosing my marbles!!!!!!!!!!
im already obsessed with greek mythology

Jun 04, 2012
10. You are sercretly chatting when you aren't supposed to (guilty)
9. You always check if the test realm is on ( Guilty again )
8. When your friends is intrested in minecraft and you try to talk them into playing more wizard101 ( guilty AGAIN! )
7. You use the computer all the time ( you know what )
6. you say lol instead of laugh ( nooo! I am guilty!)
5. you read all of the good posts ( again :()
4. you run home from school just to play ( gosh )
3. You forgot it was easter because you are playing wizard101 :(
2. You listen to the wizard101 music to much that you had to turn on your radio because you were too used to the music ( i am addicted )
Last but not least 1. You only get up to use the bathroom and to get your food because you are too addicted like me