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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Aug 12, 2012
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Lol, I do it all the time.

Mar 12, 2013
You know you play way too much when...

...you have a bumper sticker that says "My other car is a Sloth"

or it says "I brake for reagents"

...you build a treehouse in the backyard and try to enter it to go to Egypt

...on your 16th birthday you go to your homeroom teacher to learn a new spell

...your friend is sick and you bring over two Pixie treasure cards and say "take these and call me in the morning"

...when you are about to get in a fight with someone you quickly change your clothes and put on a necklace

Jul 02, 2011
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Yes. You have uncovered my life story. I got my friends to play and now they do it too. You cannot resist humming that, I am sure every single player does.

Oct 21, 2010
AshesAshes100 on Jan 26, 2013 wrote:
1- You write Fan Fiction
2- You wish you could become a wizard
3- You doodle your character, monsters, and symbols in your notebook.
4- Doing extra chores to keep your membership
5- Skipping homework to just level up "once"
6- Denying you want to play with your real friends to play Wizard101
7- You've been playing for around 4 years
8- Looking at ravens in the sky to see if they're wearing a pendant.
9- Your heart skips a beat when a Wizard101 commercial comes on
10- And lastly I tried to move on from Wizards, a year later I'm pulled back in.
^-^ A Flame Burns In My ^-^
Almost every one of those is me, LoL
I also check practically every day for a new test realm.

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 87 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 26 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Mar 12, 2013
when you watch Indiana Jones and he fights a villain you hear the Krokotopia fight music play in your head

Feb 25, 2013
You know you have when in class, people are being annoying, and you think, one more pip and I will use tempest on them...

Oct 01, 2011
Every time I hear the ravens caw, I am always reminded by the Field Guards in the Haunted Cave. The sound is so alike that hearing the ravens give me a strong urge to log in to Wizard101 and fight Field Guards.

Apr 25, 2010
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

yes! totally! it is like it puts you In a trance too like you try to stop but you cant I'm doing it right now as a matter of fact
I am usually in the commons I don't have text chat and my name is Tasha Ice Shard level 57
(almost 58 you really didn't need to know lol) and I'm ice!

Apr 25, 2010
mightygirl1001 on Nov 9, 2009 wrote:
You know when you've been playing too much Wizard1O1 when you start having weird dreams about Wizard101 (This happened to me once )

Also, on Halloween, when you start thinking about dressing up as your Wizard101 character (I don't think this can actually be accomplised :-()
I wizard 101 so much I will take your post as a challenge

and, I will be the best darn Tasha ice shard ice wizard lvl 57 you'll ever see!

Apr 25, 2010
Destiny Windgem on Apr 18, 2013 wrote:
You know you have when in class, people are being annoying, and you think, one more pip and I will use tempest on them...
oh tempest doesn't even begin to describe what I want to do to this mean girl in my class!

oh and heres a few
  • when you play wizard101 with your in real life friends (which I do hee hee )
  • when you truly believe if you believe hard enough, you will be come a wizard ( I do hehe)
  • when you think you can really freeze things (or burn, zap heal, drain, etc.)
  • when you feel bad leaving a family member when you have to go to bed and you cry
  • when you have a friend (in game not in real life ) who stops playing for a really really long time and when he/she he in my case comes on you scream and call all of your friends!

Jun 10, 2012
When you're reading a real life recipe that calls for agave nectar, and your first thought is of going Mangrove Marsh.

Jul 02, 2011
start132 on Sep 30, 2009 wrote:
hi one of the ways to know you have been playing wizard101 to much is that you have been playing wizard101 all day insted of doing homework or other things you got to do that is very imporant. by madison thunder crafter :P
You are a genius, that is exactly what I do on the weekends lolz
Keira Breeze lvl 74 sorcerer

Dec 11, 2009
When you talk about Wizard101 so much that you're DAD knows everything that you talk about.

Amber Nightblossom, Level 76 Storm
Kestrel Ashthorn, level 20 Death

"Fizzle once, shame on you. Fizzle twice, shame on me."

Mar 13, 2012
Alura BH on Mar 6, 2013 wrote:
Here's a few!:

1: You draw a spell on a small piece of papper and paint the outline gold and go onto a busy park or something and scream," I JUST CRAFTED A TREASRE CARD!!!"

2: If it's winter and your an ice wizard, you jump into the snow and stay out there for like, 14 hours and then walk back in with frostbite thinking you will resist it.

3: This one is weird, you have nightmares of malistaire cooking all the ninja pigs and eating all the bacon and feeding some to the shadow webs and wake up screaming " MEH BACON, MEH BACON!!!!" and run to your kitchen and cook all the bacon. O. o ( I love bacon....)

4: (If your a kid in elementry or middle school...) All you do during rescess is play Wiz101, like your the spells!!

5 (last one) : You daydream about stuff like your school ALL day.... and dream about it too...

Yep, I'm addicted! But I love it!!! ~Alura Battleheart, level 74 pyromancer
More are:
  • 6: You feed your dog pizza and expect it to show a page that your pet has gained xp.
  • 7: When you hear something funny, you think and/or say XD. (I'm always thinking that!! Just did again!!!!)
  • 8: Dream that Merle Ambrose dies and you take over Ravenwood Academy ( :D Happy days! He's evil, I tell you! 0. o)
  • 9: You go to a park called "The Commons" and shout out " Can someone gift me a Life Mastery Amulet!?!?" or something else giftable.
  • 10: You buy 3 pigs then put them in ninja costumes and try to teach them the Ninja Pigs attack.

Sorry about my spelling in the first one! ~Alura Battleheart, now lvl 83 Pyromancer

May 03, 2009
1) You get your cousins to play,
2) You dream about it in school and when your teacher asks you 5x9 you say the answer is ninja pigs. (I hope this never happens to meh :P)
3) You make your ringtone the Wizard101 song (So doing that when I get a phone :P)
4) You keep checking the site everyday, trying to get to Message Board Promethean (that's me)
5) Whenever you go into a maze of hedges, you are not reminded of Harry Potter, you are reminded of Lady Oriel.
6) If you are lvl 89, all you think about is getting to level 90.
7) You think school is made by Wizard101 haters, made to keep you away from the computer.
8) All you can think about on your birthday is when the Wizard101 gift cards are coming (I did that :P)
9) If you are the lead role in a play, you don't practice, but play Wizard101
10) You check this form everyday for new posts

Apr 20, 2011
Here is some
1. You call the Police and ask them if they saw Jacques the Scratcher arround
2. Call random cow Great Moodha (happened)
3. When you climb up a mountain, you're scared of a frost giant
4. You put your cat on fire so it look like a firecat
5. when ur underwater, u expect to see celestia
6. Sign up your work "Cody GhostEyes, Mastermind" (like i did o. o)
7. when you sick, you think someone casted plague on u :P
8. When your friend did something bad to teacher, you say "Malistaire is gonna get yo now"
9. You come to school and you are shocked why it doesn't say "Ravenwood"
and 10. you come to adoption center and you think you came to Marleybone (Happened)

Apr 26, 2011
carterma on Sep 19, 2009 wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Same here! Except it's Marleybone music...

Apr 02, 2013
vicsuri on Oct 6, 2009 wrote:
Here's a few:

Quitting your job to play

Being a subscriber and buying $80 worth of crowns every time you buy crowns

Insist to be called the name of your wizard

Have millions of accounts filled with grandmasters

Imagining casting a spell and damaging someone's health when they tick you off (I know I've done that)

Making your own wizard101 commercials

Sending repeated invites to your friend and family for the crowns

Buying every single crown item there is all over the spiral

Trying to create a hallusionation in your mind of merle ambrose giving you a quest

Pressing the enter button and looking confused when a chat box doesn't come up

Screaming "I NEED HELP FIGHTING MALISTARE" in a busy street

Dressing up in wizard clothes

and last but not least: Trying to find a troll and when you don't saying "HERE TROLLY TROLLY TROLLY!"
That last one made my day. XD

Jul 28, 2011
Hmmmm I have some more......

1) You put on a harry potter movie and as soon as one of them says the word "wizard" you start thinking about wizard101 for the rest of the movie
2) In school, you finish your homework in study hall and you have extra time, and you write your own dungeon and quest
3) You have a dream about being sultan of your sultans palace and it connects to history you are learning about at school
4) You have another dream about Cyrus being in this weird room of your sultans palace from the other dream
5) You explain all of wizard101 to your friend who doesn't play and you look at their face and they are so confused
6) You convince a friend at school to play and they get addicted, but not as much as you
7) You walk carefully down the street on the sidewalks
8) You find yourself drawing your school symbol
9) You respond to your wizard name and your real name
10) You see some old guy with a long beard and think "ambrose!"
11) Your watching some show your dad watches and there is this sneaky guy who keeps getting away, and you go "Wow he is like meowiarty!!!!" and your dad goes "huh?"
12) You wanna be your wizard for one night and do all the quests and no one has to know
13) You consider slightly for one little moment changing your first name to your wizards first name
14) You learn about acient Egypt at school and all you think about is KT
15) You hear "one hundred and one" and you go
16) You study/do homework while playing wizard101
17) Before school everyday, you check and tend on your garden
18) You hear the word "boss" and think oooo which?
19) A wizard101 commercial comes on and by the time it's over, you are logged on and questing
20) You consider a collection of regents
21) Last but not least.......Your friend is talking about getting new cloths and you say "what stats?"

The sad part about this post is, it has all happened to me, no jokeXD

Mar 12, 2013
You see a kid wearing a Minnesota Vikings jacket and think "storm"

There's a pickle jar in the fridge with little embossed knobs around the top of the lid. When you reach in for a pickle, you think "hm full pips...should really cast something"

You are scrubbing the bathroom tiles and rinsing off the scouring powder with a foam cup of water. Each time you do, it reminds you of the times you had to spam a second or even third tempest to clear survivors of the first hit.

You have wizard101 running in the background while you work on other stuff so you can listen to the music

When you go to the beach IRL, you leave behind all the shells and driftwood and head straight for the clumps of kelp.

when you go skiing in the winter, you apply Stun block to your face and hands

Jun 22, 2011
Saying to a friend who plays "hey! there's an ice beetle!" and throwing snow at them.

Oct 15, 2011
Knew I was playing Wizard too much when I was driving home from work and saw something lying on the side of the road; said "o stone block' - how do I pick that up? - lol

Jun 29, 2011
10. you have nightmares about some of the bosses
9. you start writing in the weird w101 language and know what everyone mean when they type it (such as way al or grrr apes)
8. when yo look at a map and see Africa you accidentally say zafaria
7. You spend every single cent you got on the game.
6.you literally say XD irl
5. You literally know the name of every single spell and W101 pet
4. You finish one of the new worlds in maybe 2 or less days
3. you dress up as your wiz
2. You start thinking in your mind about how to say different words in W101 constantly

And the number one thing is
1. When you have over 200$ but you go to 15$ through one year playing W101
And honestly i am guilty of each and every one
From archmage soon to be promethean Chris skyblade

Apr 17, 2011
when you see faces in trees
when you think you can open doors by walking into them
when you find money you yell "I GOT 5 GOLD"
you think your teacher a death wizard
you wish your teacher would teach something useful like the pixie spell

Sep 10, 2010
Janiej1962 on Nov 30, 2009 wrote:
You know you have been playing wizard101 too much when...(drumroll)... you wish that you could port to your family who is clear across the store, after you have just picked out your next Wizard101 gift card.
as an add on. you can seem to deside where you want your gift card because of the pets

when your done you family is waiting at the door.

Dylan Thunderrider LVL 35 storm

another one is on school papers you put that instead of your name and date.