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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Jan 07, 2010
[quote=ProfessorGreyroseThe only one I would add would be you see a stick on the ground and think -ooh! Mistwood!

LoL Professor Greyrose!!!!! That actually happens to me all the time! :P
On the way to school as my friends and I walk to the bus stop all of a sudden I stop in front of a stick, "Ooooooh! Mist wood!!" It cracks them up. :P :P

~Angela BlueCloud, Life lvl 37

Jan 07, 2010
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Yeppers that happens to me way too often, but with the MooShu music. :P

Jan 07, 2010
googuylol67 wrote:
1. miss a day of school so you can play wizard 101 for 24 hours

Yeppers I just did that recently. :P

Jan 07, 2010
Taco5754 wrote:
OK, boy do i have a few!

You play wizard101 to much when:

During go Fish you ask "Got any Satyrs?"
When you fall off your bike you look for your Pixie.
You yell at your Dog for not giving you the Infection spell
You are scared of India because you think all the decorated elephats are thousands of Jade Onis
When walking anywhere you always stay on the sidewalk.
You see a guy with dredlocks and scream "MALEISTAIR!"
You ask your parents how much XP you get for taking out the Trash.
You ask the store onwer "what stats come with the Red Sweater?"
You report your cat to the cops saying it's part of the O'leary Gang.
You are me. JK! not

LoLz I've done almost all of those things. :P

Nov 08, 2009
zoromon42 wrote:
OH OH I know some more! when it is really cold, hot, or raining you say "Those darn pyromancers/ice wizards(forget how to spell name)/diviners" I've done this a lot too.

You could make a calendar out of these! MUST RESISAT TO MAKE ONE MYSELF

Oh my gosh XD I've done that before! During this cold winter, my mom pointed out that I mumbled "GreyRose, do you MIND?!" In the car. And when I jumped at thunder I said, "Balestrom, grrr". And when we had a fire drill at my house I went "OMG Get Falmea!"... everyone stared heh heh heh.

Anyway, here are mine:
10. When you see a guy dressed in black and long black hair you have a spaz attack and inch away.
9. You do what I mentioned above frequently (XD)
8. Instead of yelling Darn or Dang you yell "FIZZLE!"
7. When someone ticks you off you imagine a Cyclops smashing them over the top of the head.(I do this a lot XD)
6. You walk up to every single bald person and snap, "What's your problem?!"
5. You feel for your wand when your mad.(Yep...)
4. Your scared of the dark because you think a Wraith will grab you.(Diddo)
3. Everytime you see an elephant you yell, "BRING IT ON!"(Onis)
2. You attempt to buy clothes that are the colors of your school of focus.(I'm guilty)
1. When you get hurt and someone runs up with a band-aid and helps you up you say, "Omg Sylvia?!"(I seriously did this XD)

Sestiva Drake ~ Grandmaster Theurgist
Victoria DeathGrove (Drake) ~ Magus Necromancer
Tavia Drake ~ Apprentice Conjurer and Cyrus's most hated student. Rawr to you too Cyrus!

May 22, 2009
Oh i got one!having dream about being in the spiril.Crying if can't finish a dungon.

May 15, 2009
the 10 ways u KNOW u been playing too much

10.when you forget your homework and tell your teacher that fire elves set your homework on fire.
9.when your friend says break a leg and you say " if i do i can just use a pixie"
8.that you are too scared to walk along the beach because you think a storm shark will get you O. O
7.when you tie a paper horn to a horse and call it a unicorn
6.when you see a frog and call it a humongofrog baby
5.every time an earthquake hits you blame professor Drake
4.when you see the chronicles of Narnia and say they stole the ideas from wizard 101
3.you try to teach a pig ninjutsu
2.when you see an orange tabby you claim him a fire cat
1.you say Malistaire has stolen your soul

Apr 24, 2009
When you spend the morning running around with all your level 40 gear pacing.

Srsly, I do this EVERY morning and its like I made a story.

When you spend 12+ hours playing JUST to get to level 48.

Getting up at 5:00am to play. (parents said I could get on and get to grand)

Having dreams that you are on another character and the minions for spell quests pop up everywhere. Then you're like, "Since I'm level 35, I'm gonna buy the high health gear from bazaar. I wonder if I have a sub here..."

Having a dream you're about to fight a boss And you run away because you will FEEL the spells (e.g. thunder snake you will feel the lightning)

Oct 14, 2008
Lol my husband is in the airforce and will be gone for eight months This game keeps me occupied until he returns from his training and baisic camp I know that i fit this board very well haha .I have to say i do not know what i would do with out this game .

Apr 10, 2009
when you took the time to read every last one of these (guilty)

bonus: when you laughed at almost every single one (guilty)

Jan 31, 2010
My best friend and I both play the game. I'll sit there and scratch behind his ear and he'll act like a gobbler. OMG We both crack up laughing and any of our friends that don't play just look at us like we've lost it!

Jun 30, 2009
My number 1 is when I was able to beat wizard City in one playing time.

I realized that I had played that long when my brother came up and gave me that look. It was sort of like this: Then he tells me that I've played
for 4 hours, 36 min. and 3 seconds.

I've playing it more now, so I always go around huming the Marelybone Commons theme song.

Jul 15, 2009
You start being your charachter, but worse. You pretend to be your charachter is real life and start to become obsessed wil greek mythology. I've pretended I was in the Hedge Maze form Harry Potter, only trying to find a shpere that is green(the shere of life). Yup, you start to make things up, like you save the day by defeating Malistaire in your school. Or you are the daughter of apollo and athena and your great ancestor is Merlin. I'm loosing my marbles!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 06, 2009
here are a few.

- you tell ppl in the real world what tresur cards you just got

- you give younger ppl a "when i was your level..." speech instead of "when i was your age"

- you cover your school stuff with the symbols

- you think you could solve all the real worlds problems if you could only cast...

- when deciding what to wear, you mutter to urself "what school do we wear today?"

- you turn down a really nice hot chick/handsome machoman dating you in real life because your crushing on a girl/boy in W101

- you say "fizzle" instead of "fail"

Jun 04, 2009
You know if you do this:

You dream of being a wizard in W101, and do quests.

Play 'reality' Wizard101, and get mad if someone does 1 thing wrong.

Hannah Dragonsword, 39 FIRE

Dec 16, 2008
If you play W101 to much it would be like nameing your dog or cat malistare.

Jun 15, 2009
#1 your typical conversation with your sister sounds something like this:
- I thought you said you would help me with my homework
-I said in five minutes
- That was four hours ago

#2 someone calls you names so you pick up and say:
- stop that or I’ll call my phoenix

#3 you ask your friend:
-have I told you about wizard 101 yet?
And he/she answers
-yes, about a million times

#4 hum the commons music and when your friends ask, you tell them that it's a song you're writing

#5 you draw your wizard + gear + pets + stats for no reason

I’ve done #1, 3, 4 & 5

Melissa AshMask
lvl 38 fire

May 24, 2009
zoromon42 wrote:
when you took the time to read every last one of these (guilty)

bonus: when you laughed at almost every single one (guilty)

haha i'd second that I: oh ya and here are some that i thought of (i havent done any of these haha)

1. Trying to "cast" the symbol of a class i.e trying to draw the myth symbol in the air with your finger,
2. When you do something wrong you say "DANG I FIZZLED"
3. When anything goes wrong you say "I BLAME MALISTARE"
4. If you can get to grandmaster in a maximum of 7 days
5. Wanting to cast your favorite spell on someone you hate.

May 02, 2009
Here's one way; I do it every now and then.

When you do a wand/staff animation with a pencil/rolled up poster board, or you do the natural attack of a helephant/oni, and people ask "What are you doing?"

So what, this is a good game, I enjoy it.

P.S. Some of these are pretty funny to me.

Mar 13, 2010
when you have more fun playing wizard101 with your boyfriend than you do going out on a date with him >.>; this is true. we spend ours playing this game together ._. we have no real life really xD

Jun 09, 2009
When you jump in the street ready to fight a car and are suprised when you get run over.

Nov 06, 2009
I have a few:

-You have had a W101 related dream.
- When you experience a bad thing, you blame it on malistare.
- You don't do your homework, just so you can increase your level on W101.
-You hum the W101 music at least three times a day.
-You are afraid of the dark, because you believe a Death creature will try to kill you while you're asleep.
-When it rains, you blame storm wizards.
-When someone eats too much food at once, you think they're a gobbler.
-Every Halloween since you've discovered this game, you've dressed up as your W101 character or your favorite spell.
-You play this game at least three times a day.
-You have tried to make a wand/staff that looks like your wand/staff on the game and then tried to cast a spell with it.
-You asked someone who doesn't play W101 what level they are and they have no idea what your talking about.
-You have signed your W101 character's name on the bottom of an important piece of paper.
-You draw a lot of W101 related stuff.
-You start to believe that W101 is real.
-You wonder why dogs and cats aren't dressed in Victorian clothing.
-Sometimes you randomly shout "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" and people look at you funny.

Aug 02, 2009
This is for people in Concert Band/Orchestra, when you try to convince the band director to play music from Wizard 101 (not guilty... yet )

I've just seen a lot of posts about music so I thought, why not?

Kaitlyn IceRiver Adept Thaumaturge
Lucas LifeGiver Magus Theurgist
Angel Talon Apprentice Necromancer

Jun 12, 2009
These are the things that make you KNOW you've played too much Wizard 101

1. You make a poster that asks the questions to determine what school people are in, post in in your school/work and at the end of the day, bring the poster back, put the answers in the computer, write them down, and post them back up along with the description of all the schools. (Guilty. Sort of. I think about it.) :-D
2.You ask the shop clerk how much gold a shirt costs.
3. You bring a cat to one of those cool detective rooms, stick a bright lamp in it's face and say something like this:
You: Tell me where Meowiarty is!
Cat: Meow.
Cat: Meow.
You (To person next to you): He's useless.
x You free the cat x
Cat (Into communicator): I have said nothing Master.
Meowiarty: Good. Now come back to the base so we can continue the planning for the Master plan. (I have lost it )
4. You start a reagent collection.
5. Instead of laughing you say "LOL". (I did that once.)
6. You make "Wizard 101 chess" with Ambrose kings, gobbler rooks, unicorn knights, etc.
7. You take up fencing because you saw Diego.
8. You try to make the symbols with your finger and SUCCEED! (It's really hard. I know. I tried it once.)
9. You sign everything with your wizards name.
10. You are me.

"Life always finds a way to prosper, even in the darkest caverns"
Mark Crowhead

Yes, that's me, Mark Crowhead, Level 38 Theurgist.

No autographs, please, 8)

Oct 29, 2009
IamLezul wrote:
U know your playing WAYY too much when you get ready to teleport to your house in the middle of a long drive. LOL, yah i do this too much.

HIA2W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(HELP, I'M ADDICTED 2 WIZARD101!)

Then run outside till night. :D If that doesn't help then do chores. :(