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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Apr 13, 2010
I dont have a windows in my house so i cant play wizard101 there :p so when I go to my grandmas house over the breaks (she has a windows) i dont buy or eat anything in the airport and spend all the money on a sunsription to the game then spend every waking hour of my break playing the game XD sometimes i eat while playing haha i am deifinitley addicted good thing I wont be able to play for the whole year rofl

When I was bored once i taught my little sister about wizard101 and we spent the rest of the day fake dueling lol that was a fun time. we even put sheets of paper with health, mana we had left, and made decks with paper spell cards hahaha i loved that time. We still do that XD

Feb 08, 2009
I can see heath and mana wisps sometimes. is that wierd?

Dec 12, 2009
princess346 wrote:
I can see heath and mana wisps sometimes. is that wierd?

Yes it kind of is princess346, but I think I am addicted ( I don't know if I spelled it right) because I had a dream where I was level 50 trying to fight Malistaire with my three friends. And I had no spell cards and neither did my friends.

May 04, 2010
princess346 wrote:
I can see heath and mana wisps sometimes. is that wierd?

Oh - how much I wish you could find those in real life... *sigh*

Nov 12, 2009
Oh, I know! You have so many dreams about Wizard101, that you think that it actually happen, search for your character in your room, and your own wand.
Everyone stares at you when you wear your custom made robe and hat. (Me!)
You have a wand in your room that you wave at people when they bug you.
Asking one of your friends to gift you something.
Imagine casting a spell, then realizing that your just waving your hand in the air.
Running like your wizard in the game.
Make up a song about crowns crowns and even more crowns they're just so awesome that they never cause frowns.

Nov 12, 2009
purdueman71 wrote:
those are too funny. i know i play too much . i know because i was talking to my friend asking him what type of wizard he was and using the fancy names(pyromancer, diviner, etc.) and he had no clue what i was talking about.  

Happened to me too! I nicknamed some of my friends and most of them ended up being pyromancers after i gave them the school quiz....

Jul 05, 2010
hmssnowdrop wrote:
I nicknamed some of my friends and most of them ended up being pyromancers after i gave them the school quiz....

funny. mine ALL ended up being death. 8) it was wierd but funny

Jan 29, 2009
AJ0Babygirl wrote:
googuylol67 wrote:
1. miss a day of school so you can play wizard 101 for 24 hours

Yeppers I just did that recently. :P
no you didnt

May 19, 2010
14jode14 wrote:
Heres one, your being read to this message board XD

#1) when your little brother turns the channel to disney channel and wizards of waverly place is on you shout ooh WIZARDS 101 is on XD!

i recently did that :[ lolz

Dec 18, 2009
here are more:

you act like your pet dog is a heckhound
you act like your casting a spell in front of a crowd of people
you rip a stick of a tree JUST to use as a wand or staff
you rip the wood off your bed and use rocks as a sword with gems

Dec 18, 2009
mightygirl1001 wrote:
You know when you've been playing too much Wizard1O1 when you start having weird dreams about Wizard101 (This happened to me once )

Also, on Halloween, when you start thinking about dressing up as your Wizard101 character (I don't think this can actually be accomplised :()
i thought about dressing up like stormzilla XD even though i HATE halloween

May 31, 2010
You know you have been playing wizard 101 to much when you ask your pet cat if they are having fun taking over marleybone.

Or when your family goes on a vacation to the beach and all you do there is just sit on the sand observing they sand so you can learn the ways of balance.

Or you call the meanest teacher at your school Cyrus Drake.

P.S. i like they one where if someone is walking toward you on they street you get to the sidewalk as quick as you can.

Jan 16, 2010
I know ive been playing to much because they said my name but i said NO MY NAME IS CHASE which is my pets name

Jan 01, 2010
So I was in Grand Central in NY the other day and this guy was talking on his cell phone clearly looking for someone. I immediately thought, "He just needs to find out what realm he's on"!

Aug 07, 2009
i know that play too much cause i played straight every day for this summer starting june 12 or 7 i think :D

Nov 08, 2009
When you're playing a flute in music class and keep doing the Myth casting music.

Jul 12, 2010
When you call your teacher in real life, A wizard101 teacher by accident.

Feb 28, 2009
i know a few

1. you carry around your laptop, then bump into things and dont even notice because you were in a battle ( guilty XD)
2. you needed to go to the bathroom but remember you never really went
3. you need to go somewhere, but you keep saying just 5 more minutes!
4. you cast a spell on your enemy and thought it fizzled when nothing happened
5. you look at a lizard and try to free it
6. you see a dude with black dreadlocks, and black nail polish and scream, "MALISTAIRE GO AWAY I THOUGHT I DEFEATED YOU!"
7. you play 24/7 just trying to get a pet when you realized you had eight of them
8. when you cant finish a dungeon you cry and throw stuff all over the place
9. you find yourself dreaming about w101 and actually think your playing the game
10. you keep asking your dog why they aren't dressed and why there aren't mana whisps anywhere.
ok sry i still have more
11. you see a pig on a trail and run into it expecting to get into a battle (guilty)
12. you cant blink because your afraid you may loose progress in a fight (guilty)
13. you're reading this (guilty lol)
14. you're me
15. you wonder why your pet isn't giving you a card after it went to training boot camp. (guilty)

Jun 01, 2010
LOL!! Whats the matter with that!?

"With the power of Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance, you will win. Flames apon your eyes, seal the frost, control the sea's, summon creatures by memorizing their true name, healing to victory, stealing health, and blading, with the power...A true Wizard can be.
Bring A Wave in your life! WaveBringer."

Feb 11, 2010
DarthNexus wrote:
you buy the gift cards solely for the pets

That's me lol :-)
More signs:
The youngest one in your house roleplays wizard almost all day everyday
You search the internet daily for the latest wizard promo codes
You spend most of the time in the game farming for pets and training them
You spend most of the time trying to train your real pets to be more like Wizard101 pets
You search the internet for the cheepest, leagal, virus free way to get fraps
You search the internet for the in game music
You enter every Wizard 101 contest you can
Every time you see a german sheapard you say "look, a storm hound!" same thing with these animals:
Austaillian Cattle Dog-Danger Hound
Orange Tabby Cat-Firecat
Any Blue Snake-Snow Serpent
Cobra-Thunder Snake
Any Dark Green Snake-Storm Serpent
Great White Shark-Storm Shark
Any Bat-Lightining Bat
Ant Red Bat-FireBat
Grey T Rex-Stormzilla
Red T Rex-Firezilla
Your stuffed animals have Wizard 101 names.
Your whole family knows who these nicknames refer to in the game
At random intervals you may shout out "DR GORDON FLEMMING!"
You try to think of a way that your favorate action multimedia could be in wizard
You think of ways for multimedia that is lame to be improved with Wizard 101
You tell all your freinds what school they would best be fitted in
Whenever a thunderstorm accurs you think of storm magic
You've considered wearing a diaper to get through long dungeons in Marleybone uninterupted.
All of your playlists are now geared to play with Wizard101 and nothing else.
Wizard Wiki, Wizard 101 central and Wizard 101 forum are on your favorites bar. You've already saved two hours this year using them instead of the long way.
At least one of your Wizard101 characters is level 33 or higher
You know more about life in the Spiral than outside it.

Feb 16, 2009
two nights ago, i had a dream that i leveled up.

i am currently level 47, so i rushed to the Fire School as soon as i woke up.


Jan 16, 2010
your parants tell you to get off the computer,and day dreem about wizerd 101

Aug 11, 2009
5 - You pause in playing the game only to find out that it is no longer 2009.

4 - You talk to your wizards as if they are real people. And they talk to you too.

3 - You see an icon of Ambrose appear in the lower right corner of your field of vision. Then you try to port to Wizard City in the middle of class.

2 - You look in your closet expecting to find your wizard clothes.

1 - You expect your real pets to do a little dance and then some magic.

Jul 17, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
http://diaryofawizard.com/ has a wonderful post from Postcards from the Spiral about the Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101 Too Much

Here's three - to read the rest, follow the link below.

10. You’ve convinced your child/parent/significant other to create their own account so that you can battle together.

9. You’ve purchased a new computer so that people in your house can play together or play online at the same time.

8. You’ve set up a wireless network, after procrastinating for at least five years, so that people in your house can play at the same time.


The only one I would add would be you see a stick on the ground and think -ooh! Mistwood!

Thank you both for the article and we encourage our players to list their own below!
If your having dreams about fighting malistare with a wand made of bacon

Jul 17, 2009
Ok so last night i was super tired and i dont think i was dreaming but i was so tired i had no control over my arms and legs so everytime i wanted to move my mouse my hand moved at one point i couldnt move because i had no key board. so it was just an allousion it was fun though