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tips for soloing?

Nov 16, 2012
Hi. I'm making a new storm wizard. I will mostly be working in teams, but I would also like to know how to solo for when I need it. Does anyone have any tips? Storms have low health but high damage, so I'd like to know some tips. I'm impatient so spamming shields might not work too well for me

Oct 27, 2017
storm does have low health, so here is what you do. First things first, get gear that gives good accuracy. Then, train ice to tower shield and life to sprite or satyr. Learn all the new spells, and that should get you through the game

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Well, it seems nowadays that one of the qualities of Diviners is Impatience!

So, there you go, you're already on the right track my friend.

Now, onto the tips. I tend to echo some of these tips all over the message boards, so you might've seen a few, but just know, they work if implemented correctly.

As a storm, you want to keep in mind that the journey coming up will not be easy. You'll get defeated, often times because of a spell fizzling causing the mob to then take you out possibly instigating a rage quit. - It happens.

Bear and apply these suggestions in mind:

Pip Usage - Now, often times, what I notice about young wizards, they attack vigorously without little regard for their current pips or the situation they're placed in after the attack. Consider this, you're in Krock, up against two foes. You've two pips, you attack with lighting bats, but, your health is low. Now you're in a pickle and now wide open for the next foe to defeat you. Be careful.

Decks - This is now a basic. Having more than one decks is essential to effective questing. One for basic mob battles with a couple blades, a heal possibly and attacks.

Training Points - Strongly recommend you train to tower shield. This spell is a staple and will prove to be very useful.

Treasures - If accuracy is a strong concern. Consider buying accuracy enchantment treasures (Sniper, Accurate, Keen Eyes) from Bazaar. Enchant your cards before attacking for optimum results.

Quests - Don't ignore too much or any sides. Do the ones in particular that reward training points (Zeke's quests for example). A good amount of sides also ultimately lead to spells!

Don't Give Up - The journey will be rough. I urge you not to give up and to take periodical breaks if need be. Don't let the school stress you out. It'll get fun, I promise!

Good Luck!

Aug 03, 2016
I recommend using training points in a secondary school. Not sure what the best one would be for Storm.

Storm seems to get spells quickly but fizzles a lot and I'm not sure they have a lot of 'health.' I would try to wear things that give you spells from other schools.

Wear something or get a pet that gives you a prism, so that when you are fighting your own school, you can translate storm spells into myth spells, and hit myth on storm enemies, which usually works very well.

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Dec 24, 2009
You want to get your accuracy up as high as you possibly can. The key to surviving as a Storm is not fizzling. Kill that enemy quick because you only get one chance.

Don't think of a second school as an alternative to Storm, what it's going to do is fill in gaps where you need help. Since you stated you're not a fan of shields, there's no point in training up Ice to Tower. Maybe do that later. Instead, I'd suggest you either train Death up to Feint (to hit even harder, but with considerable risk to yourself), or Life up to Satyr (a more conservative route, but you'd have a chance to save yourself with a well-timed heal). Which route you take is completely up to you: play it safe (Life) or live on the edge (Death).

Other soloing tips are more general:
1) get a good pet that helps you with damage, defenses or heals.
2) get the best gear you can find.
3) carry a small, streamlined spell deck.

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