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Thank you!

Jan 21, 2010
Thank you very much for allowing us to decide whether or not we want equipment card spells in our spell decks.

I haven't played in about a month, but today I decided to checkout the class jewel packs. As I was juggling my inventory I decided to see what spells I had in the deck, and I clicked my item spell section wistfully... To my delight red X's sprang up where I clicked!

Now my battles will be more streamlined. I can wear the gear and pets I want, without their cards crowding my deck during battle. I can now get as close as possible to having a perfect opening hand for regular battles.


Thank you again!

Aug 24, 2015
I too was surprised at how useful this addition has been. I had a series of Balance opponents, so decided to turn off my wand's spells as these would be nearly useless. It was so nice having a full hand each round. In addition I turned off a couple of cards in one deck while keeping it on in others. Now my specialty decks are even more special. Thanks!

Jun 27, 2014
This is by far the best thing ever Ki has implemented. I would also like to thank you for this wonderful feature. Thanks again to whoever came up with this :)

May 07, 2015
my wizard got the trickters lying bow and it came with 40% ice blade im not a ice wizard im a fire so i turned the ice blades off so im really happy thanks for whoever came up with the idea :)