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Storytime 2016

Jul 20, 2014
Angel Stormpyre on Feb 13, 2016 wrote:
Hi! I have a question about Qismah Shasa and the Scholars themselves! Do they have any preference for company among themselves? Does Quismah Shasa like Velma Von Venkman? As Death and Shadow I'd suspect they would.

I feel like Ione Virga would not like Ignus, what is their relationship? Actually, what's the relationship between the scholars in general?

Will we see the inside of the Shadow Room of the Panopticon? Why is it called a Panopticon? Will we see the inside of the Astral Room? Or perhaps the Astral Scholar?
This is a really interesting question. Unlike the professors at Ravenwood, the Scholars at the Arcanum mostly prefer to keep to themselves. On those rare occasions when they are all forced to gather in the Panopticon, one gets the sense that they only attend begrudgingly and some of them are just counting the moments until they can return to their research.

That said, and as you alluded, some of them have formed close friendships with one another. You're right about Ione not liking Ignus, though some say she just doesn't like anyone at all. If you asked her, however, she'd tell you that she appreciates Tarrak's hard work and she has never had any complaints about Qismah...

Velma's actually still a relative newcomer to the Arcanum, so she has yet to really earn the trust and respect of the others, especially since she's involved with Shadow Magic.

It's called the Panopticon because it's from there that they "look out" into all the Spiral and try to see where they might need to get involved. As mentioned above, however, they rarely actually meet. Most business is conducted by simply visiting one another's offices.

Ooh, the Shadow and Astral rooms... those are really cool, I bet. Maybe we will get in there at some point. ;)

Jul 20, 2014
Geoffery23 on Feb 14, 2016 wrote:
To all the scholars: not so much a question, but a request:

I'd love to know more about each of you. Any possiblity of getting access to the arcanum library so I can read up on your bios, history and so on?
Great suggestion, Geoffery23. That, or we might even want to do some more Ravenwood Roll Call videos! We'll discuss this and send the word out if/when we have a solid plan.

Jul 20, 2014
Zlyxer on Feb 16, 2016 wrote:
Hiya Fitzume! I was just wondering about some things.

1. The Fire scholar Ignus seems a little too basic and friendly for his own good... is it possible that he may have some secrets to hide?

2. There are many portals in the Arcanum that look like they may lead to other universes. Are there other alternate universes outside of the spiral?

3. What school was Mellori transferred into in Ravenwood? It seems like she would be more suited into Myth or Ice.
1. Ignus's story is long and filled with all manner of misadventure. I suspect he has more than a few skeletons in the closet.

2. In a manner of speaking, yes. There is *something* outside the Spiral. Whether that should be characterized as another universe, an alternate dimension, or even in some other way remains to be seen, but we may indeed explore these matters further in the coming years.

3. Mellori joined the Life School. Her predilection for it was evidenced when she healed Ivan and when she used the shards in the Kataba Iceblock to bring the Golem back to life. Even now, Mellori is listening to what she thinks is a rather long and boring lecture from Moolinda Wu on the magical properties that can be found inside a Pegasus Feather. Wait... was that a spoiler? I hope not.

Jul 20, 2014
Rikudo Sennin on Feb 24, 2016 wrote:
my question is isnt there technically a sky anchor at every edge of the spiral since it doesnt make sense for there to only be one given how wide the spiral is it would need multiple anchors and isnt that also possibly what the rest of old cobs children are attacking as well
The laws of metamagic are complex and one cannot rule out any possibilities. However, I was under the impression that the Sky Anchor was a singular object and that, in a magical way, it functioned something like a ship's anchor, mooring the land to the sky...?

Dec 16, 2009
In the arcanum there is a room where the schools are presented as part of a triangle. Fire, ice and storm are in one triangle forming the well known elemental triangle. Myth life and death formed another triangle-the spirit triangle. What surprised me most however is th fact that there was a triangle with balance, shadow and astral magics. Typically balance is represented as a lone school. Does its inclusion in this new triangle signify something important about the nature of the school or was it simply aesthetic choice?

Jun 13, 2011
Librarian Fitzhume, I have enjoyed the 4 Dungeons adventures, & I did enjoy facing the Skeleton Key bosses a lot, especially with more new SK bosses added, even the latest in Sunken City, with the new unique badge! I wish all SK bosses have unique badges added, though, I can speak that to Dworgyn later on.

So, I already spoke my thoughts about In'Zhizor in Lower Zigazag, 'cause, he's the only SK boss that doesn't have speech dialogue for before dueling & defeating In'Zhizor, though, I got a bit worried you forgot to read that, 'cause you were slightly absent. Glad you're active again, & I hope we get to see more SK bosses made, maybe even see some in the latest world.

While I enjoyed that side content update, would we be seeing more new side Dungeons in side content updates sometime soon? I liked the new dungeons plenty, I would like to see more new side Dungeons added someday while more new major adventures are being made. So many places to think about...

Would we also see more side worlds added to the Spiral someday, like Yago, or see a continuation to Wysteria? I enjoyed it, & I would like to see more of Wysteria one day.

Jun 30, 2009
Hello, I've been wondering about the coven lately. the last time we saw them was wintertusk in 2011.
So i ask will we see any more action from the coven or is their story line over?

Jan 07, 2012
Hi, I was wondering, why did Morganthe bring back Malistaire in Azteca? On that note, how did Malistaire get back?

Nov 11, 2010
ben417a on Jan 27, 2016 wrote:
What does Baba Yaga mean when she says that the Arcanum is between the spiral? Where is it? How is it being kept hidden? How is it being protected? What is the actual "creed" of the Arcanum? How were the researchers there chosen?
Baba Yaga in Russian is boogie man

Jan 20, 2012
Hello! I have several questions to be (hopefully) answered by the wise beings of the Arcanum, as follows:

In the map of the Arcanum, we clearly see many people, or humanoids, and animals (shoutout to Zander), and two of them pop out to me. We clearly know most of them, but in the top left portion of the map we see a scholar that looks awfully similar to creatures we have previously seen. He looks to be a Celestian, and is clearly associated with the Magic of Astrology.. is this a hint at the future Astral Scholar being seen in the Arcanum? He looks very similar to the first creatures of Celestia, in the Survey Camp.

About my first question, we also see this creature conversing with the Death Scholar. Could this creature be against the wizard forces and be on the ally side of Grandfather Spider, or simply conversing with the Death Scholar. This may be stretching it, but maybe they are both evil? Haha.

We also know little about the tree of the Arcanum. It seems to me that she is very similar to one of Morganthe's strongest forces, Moros, who attempted to guard her Shadow Palace. Maybe this tree is a blessed version of Moros, as Moros gave power from him and his roots to the Shadow Web, and we see this tree giving power from her roots into the Arcanum, and possibly out into the large black hole outside of the Arcanum.

Thank you in advance for any answers or hints to my questions.

P.S. - Shoutout to my new scholar, Zander.

Jun 13, 2011
Librarian Fitzhume on Feb 24, 2016 wrote:
The laws of metamagic are complex and one cannot rule out any possibilities. However, I was under the impression that the Sky Anchor was a singular object and that, in a magical way, it functioned something like a ship's anchor, mooring the land to the sky...?
Librarian Fitzhume, I do have a question about which worlds' lands' Skyways take place in...

While I enjoyed Polaris, which Skyway does it take place in it's land, that is to say the land where Walruskberg is?

I hear that the worlds we travel have all have certain Skyways that only us Wizards can travel to, yet we don't know their names.

Jul 20, 2014
Trimond297 on Feb 12, 2016 wrote:
Librarian Fitzhume, I do have something to say about the music in Polaris... I know, it's music-related on this matter. Bear with me.

KI really amped up with the themes this time around, as I really enjoyed the improved variety for it's zone & combat themes that stands them out from others'. Even more, I was really happy that there was even a specific boss combat theme made for a specific boss monster only, that is to say, The Rat, under the guise of Rasputin! That really established the atmosphere of dueling boss monsters, even specific ones, & it almost got that "final battle" vibe going while dueling against The Rat in a very epic battle for the Spiral's fate!

Although it has been long since Aquila has boss combat themes, even though I wish the Aquila Boss Combat Theme would be played for nearly all bosses in Mount Olympus, Atlantea, & Tartarus, instead of it used for just during duels with select bosses, like Zeus SkyFather & Poseidon EarthShaker, I would really like to hear more new boss combat themes in more worlds & zones to come, even more specific ones like the Rasputin Combat Theme with The Rat, though, to balance that out, I would like to hear new boss combat themes likely commonly shared to many bosses!

I know, music's not really your forte, though, if you could pass that on to the music people at KI that made these themes, I would be happy. Just thought I would ask you this before this new thread gets locked.
Thanks Trimond297! We shared your post with the audio team and they wanted me to pass on their thanks for your kind words. It's always nice when the extra effort put into these things gets acknowledged. We think boss combat themes are awesome also, and though we can't promise anything, we always try to add special themes where they make sense.

Jul 20, 2014
Hey folks!

Thanks so much for your questions. I know we didn't get to all of them, but I hope you understand, there are some mysteries that even we cannot explain. Rest assured, however, that we take all your questions and comments seriously, and sometimes they even help inspire us to pursue new ways of thinking about the narrative.

Above everything we do, it's you guys who make the Spiral special, and we just appreciate being able to play along with you. I look forward to another Storytime thread hopefully in the not-so-distant future. Until then, don't stray too far. Don't leave the Spiral or anything crazy like that! We have new adventures coming... soon.

Librarian Fitzhume