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seamstress and clothing/equipme,t

Mar 17, 2009
the newest think is to change appearance of a clothing item, the way I am understanding this is that you can take the appearance of say the boots of the elemental sheilds and make them look like the ice stompers boots but lose the stats on the ice stompers boots ie more power,accuracy so on.. so u cannot combine the two stats into one item. Is that so? whats the use of having that if u cant combine the two and get one item. combining the looks of one with the stats of the other is just giving u the same boot with different look.. just dye them. Or am i reading this wrong.?

Now you can take the stats of one piece of clothing and apply them to another piece of clothing of the same type. Love the stats on your Dragonspyre hat but it doesn't match your Grizzleheim outfit? Find a Grizzleheim hat you like, and move the stats from your Dragonspyre hat, to the new Grizzleheim hat to complete your stylish look.

Eloise Merryweather, who can be found near Zeke in all worlds of the Spiral (including Grizzleheim) has been busy learning how to stitch! For a small Crowns fee, she will allow you to transfer the Stats of one item onto the Appearance of another.

Next time you talk to her, simply select the item you want to use as the Appearance, and the item you want to use as the Stats. Click Create and you'll have a whole new outfit with the look and stats you want combined into one.

Please heed these important things to note about this process:
* Both items will be removed from your backpack and replaced with the new item that will be created with the Appearance and colors of one piece, and the Stats and name of the other, as you specified
* The name of the item will be transferred from the Stats item, along with the bonuses
* The bonuses of the appearance item will completely disappear, and be overwritten by the bonuses of the stats item
* Once the transaction is complete, and you've purchased the item, it cannot be undone!
* This process costs Crowns

Mar 10, 2009
I would just like to say bravo to KI on the seamstress idea. I havent taken a close look at how expensive it is yet, but i love the idea of being able to take the great stats from my Death Oni Robe for example and apply them to the cooler looking Smock of the Frost Giant and so on and so forth. Great Idea KI

Mar 09, 2009
Also, the cool outfits in the new shop interface (upper left hand corner of the screen) do not come with stats, so you stitch the high stat Dragonspyre clothes to the ultra cool looking but non-stat-ed guardian outfit and now you have the ultimate outfit. Not in Dragonspyre yet? Well stitch your highest stats now and restitch as you advance.

NOTE: It is, at this time, 100cr for each stitch.

Dec 21, 2008
Sorry young Wizard, but as we mentioned above,

"Once the transaction is complete, and you've purchased the item, it cannot be undone!"

Feb 22, 2009
I think that it should not cost 100 crowns to stitch clothing. I t would be better if it cost 100 gold. I have been having trouble getting more crowns and i have 45 left, so i can't stitch clothes even though i really want to.

Alex DragonBreaker lvl 43 Storm
Cameron Lifespear lvl 16 Life

Jan 21, 2009
i recently stitched the appearance of my pvp commander gear to my lvl 5 crown gear when i started a new wizard and now it won't let me transfer the item even though it should....shouldn't it? since the pvp commander gear had no trade or auction bonus and crown gear can be traded but not auctioned i don't know if this is a bug but i would like to know what i can do about it? Thank you