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school exclusive spells

Mar 28, 2009
I was wondering, are many of the school exclusive spells worth doing the school as a main? i was wondering this for fire, our school exclusive spells are kinda, well lame. heck hound, waste of pips, smoke screen, hardly works, scald, i have had enough with round damage spells, even the dragon, round damage again. Why couldnt they choose a better characteristic for fire? its useful in pvp, scald or fire elf, for shields and stuff, but the dragon was such a disappointment, the initial damage is a little stronger than frost giant. Round damage just gives the enemy more chances to kill you, while they slowly burn. Storm has power, ice has defenses and fire has, nothing. cause most schools get a round damage spell anyway so its not something fire exclusive. Since giant and lord stun, i was hoping the same for fire, even if we have choke. but we just get another round damage spell, the dragon. helephant, meteor and phoenix are available to all who
train fire as a second school, and these are our best spells :-P. Its worth going into storm, triton and tempest, or ice for ice armor, but the best spells on fire are open. I dont know about the other schools so if anyone else
thinks their schools exclusive spells are a little lame, please comment.

May 19, 2009
fire is the main DOT school, the only other schools that get a single DOT spell are ice and death. If you didnt want any DOT spells you shouldnt have picked fire because that's what fire does.

Jun 09, 2009
well at first ice armor is no good but by the time your in mooshu it gets very useful for tough and long bosses and pvp. and i dont know why your complaning about scald spell. ive seen some one use it and it does like 500 damage over three rounds to all enemys. oh and what lvl do you get it at??

jacob boomwalker lvl44 ice