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Jul 23, 2009
Come on, grandmasters. Seriously. I'm sick of you people griping because you have "nothing left to do". There are plenty of things to do.
1) farm for all of your grandmaster gear
2) collect every pet you can get your hands on (especially boss drops)
3) collect all of the shining no-auction wands
4) collect all of the wands
5) buy items to make your house a million times better
6) farm bosses that give a lot of loot and sell all of it for a ton of gold and
save that gold up for CELESTIA ITEMS
7) formulate a strategy for killing every boss in the game in two hits

That is only a few things that you could do! QUIT WHINING!

Mitchell WillowBlade, lvl 50 Life Wizard

Jan 03, 2009
I've been getting gold for cl, also we can make more characters, I have my third go at grandmaster in ms right now.

Jul 20, 2009
Dude, grandmasters can choose want they want to do, can't they? If they are bored, they're bored, my friends and I gets bored to, you don't have to tell people to stop complaining.

Sep 26, 2009
well i am almost a grandmaster (two more levels) and i am having a hard time getting to getting to be a grandmaster that is why i have not been on in a while ( and plus i have a lot of grandmaster friends and they dont complain so you stop complainig about the minority of people

Apr 02, 2010
LOL I got to level 50 on both accounts before I got my level 48 spell because I am a push over for helping others.