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Pagoda dungeon

Jun 29, 2014
Ok just curios I have watch a lot video of paguda dungeon and says it will give you a lot of xp is that really true?
The video that I watch will give you 50 000 xp is that true?

Level45 master of balance(lol)
Please comment and thank you

Dec 16, 2009
Hi! The Pagoda dungeon awards experience based on the lowest level wizard that entered, so if your balance wizard enters, the maximum tier you can get into is tier 3.

Difficulty (and exp reward) are in tiers.
Tier 1 is level 1-19 and awards 779 experience.
Tier 2 is level 20-39 and awards 4,650 experience.
Tier 3 is level 40-59 and awards 14,730 experience.
Tier 4 is level 60-79 and awards 47,620 experience.
Tier 5 is level 80-100 and awards 50,090 experience.