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Jan 08, 2011
'Tis KillerKitty here, and I am back from my long break from electronics.
Along with my Wizard, Katherine Dragonheart, I have grown into a powerful Magus, currently level 35.
You see, everyone has at least some interest in the new Pagoda Gauntlet, right? S my friends and I were pwning the pagoda (XD) and I was trying to get some new foo dogs or weapons. But to our distress, we were in a bit of a pinch...
All of us had zero mana left, and all of us exept for one was defeated. It was grueling, and we had to flee. Luckily, my friend had a potion. She used it and we went back to battling the Samoorai(that actually hardly cheat....). She immediately tended to us, as she was a Life, and we got one mana wisp each, so we were able to battle. Refilled on health and at about 16 mana, I used my Stormlord Treasurecard. I had powered up with my Balanceblade, so we were releived we defeated them. Soon after that, we defeated Kaizuko and his 'halberd'. It was the toughest pagoda run ever! I was overjoyed that I got my Three Bells Ringing sword!

Don't you just adore pagoda? It's like a treasure trove, only more stressful and hurty x. x

Feb 19, 2010
You can run back down through the rooms to get wisps if needed. When you run back up everything is dead except where you left off.