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Max lvl

Jul 21, 2009
I'm just wondering if there is been talks of making max lvl higher then 60 maybe like 65 or even lvl 70 if only a few lvls would be great but i think these lvls the exp should be only like 1/2 of what you get or even 1/4 the exp.

all quest are done now all i do is craft and farm. try to start life wizard but really not into them with the polymorphs i heal i can do on my fire what life wizards do well healing part anyway :p. Just would be nice to see some more lvls :)


Dec 26, 2010
There has been talk of higher levels but the reality is it probably won't happen until KI release a new world and that won't be happening until later this year.

On a new wizard note, if you didn't like being a life wizard have you thought about starting up as one of the other schools, if you are running out things to do? Over on Wizard101central's forum (and probably this one as well, I have just seen them there) are various threads over which school is better, and even how they differ in terms of playing style, as a couple of schools require more strategy, while others are all out attack etc.

Sep 08, 2008
This is where KingsIsle can get even more creative, give reason for players to continue playing with the enjoyment one *should* get at level cap.

Crafting and Gardening aside, players should have reasons other than pet drops to play.

Implement a "Merit system."

Any exp gained over final level cap can be accumulated into exp towards stat boosts, stat modifications, or even appearance changes or other things of that nature. Exp can go towards pet talents, would that not be a good incentive?

Let's talk about 'expanding' the game without simply increasing level caps and making players go through torturous higher worlds like Celestia.

Ok, yea, players can just make new wizards. That is ok, they may make multiple accounts simply so they have a wizard of each school. Ok. So all their wizards are now at maximum level. One wonders why a player would potentially want to quit. Even a mere break from a subscription will cost KingsIsle potential profit, yes?

Now, for the exp/merit system to work, KingsIsle would have to modify encounter exp that is gained. Has not happened since 2008, so, I won't bank on that.

One way is to make dungeons designed exclusively for the level cap. Dungeons that can be repeated more than twice. Dungeons that perhaps randomly generate so players won't get too dreadfully bored farming exp from them.

Either way, the idea is out there, utilize it, KingsIsle!

I fear that eventually down in time, level caps will hit the 100's, and the game will have 'aged' to the point where new people don't even bother subscribing long eough to experience the full content of the game. If I were an active developer for KingsIsle, I certainly would not want this game to start 'aging' to where subscription rates would start to dwindle and decline.

Subscription time = money. So... player's play time = money.