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Level 50 Elixir

Mar 07, 2017
Hi all!

I have a few questions here, so here's the first one:

If i buy the level 50 elixir and use it on one wizard, say a level one death, will i be able to use the elixir again on a different wizard? Yes, i know i gotta have a level fifty wizard to use the elixir, and i'm working on that now.

Is the elixir worth it? I really want to buy it, since it's quite hard for me to level up and quest. I need an opinion on that.

And lastly, which school should i go for, and which is the best one? I know it depends on what you're trying to play. I'm deciding maybe pvp on one wizard, and solo questing on the other.

Julia Goldheart
Level 44

Jan 18, 2013
you can only it once then its gone. I would use it a low level char. to get the most out of your crowns but it depends on your chars. and which one you want to raise