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In need of some serious help

Mar 19, 2009
So I'm currently a level 36 Ice wizard and have been FOREVER. I find it's near impossible for me to level up and progress as I get about half way through MS. I have no idea why it's so hard for me, I quest and I quest and I quest and I still find myself at level 36. That's such a low level to be as far as I am! I've had this problem with all my characters, they're all strong, but I find myself incapable of leveling up and progressing story-wise! I've been in MS with the same character for about six months, it's getting ridiculous. If someone could offer and questing and leveling up tips, that would be great!

Alia WinterBreeze

Sep 02, 2012
I would suggest going back to past worlds and doing quests there. They should really help you.

Jun 17, 2011
Do you complete the side quests given to you? If not it might be helpful to level you up
yes they are irksome but they do help.

Good luck questing -Aaron DeathRider

Aug 23, 2009
Aside from side quests in, have you done any side world quests on GH or WY? A questing partner can help speed things along.

Dec 08, 2012
I'm thinking probably the reason why you're not leveling up as fast is because the XP amounts of the quests isn't good enough for you. I would advise you to go do Grizzleheim until you get to WinterTusk. Although my story line quest was set in Mooshu, I've eventually decided to do Grizzleheim for a change so I went on to do that and as everyone knows, doing the Grizzleheim quests at a higher Level then Level 20, NO ONE would want to finish the Grizzleheim quests but I did anyways. Once I've completed the Grizzleheim quests, I was then able to go to WinterTusk which was the greatest place I could ever go to at my level in terms of how much XP the quests gives in WinterTusk. In WinterTusk, the quests gives amount 5,000 to 11,000 XP which was so awesome at my level. I was about level 42 when I started doing WinterTusk but I kept on dying at the first enemies since the enemies in WinterTusk is just like the enemies in Celestia. Anyhow, once I've completed WinterTusk, I was about Level 54 or 55 and yet my storyline quest was still in Mooshu!! So I was then way over level when I was doing Mooshu and the worlds pass Mooshu except for Azteca where the level range is like from Level 80 to Level 90. Anyhow, I hope this helped and I hope that y'all enjoyed my ridiculously true story.

Aug 22, 2010
I'm on level 36 too! lol and I'm a ice wizard! Well, I think it's pretty normal to have moo-shu at level 36 since i have it too, and its not THAT hard for our level. I agree that quests can be a bit time-consuming but you get a lot of XP. I'm almost on level 37 and I just quest 24/7. Hope that helps a bit. We can make it to level 37!!!

Rachel Silverblossom Lv. 36

Sep 19, 2013
I recommend doing sides in MB, Krok and if you have any, in wizard city if it helps. In places such as CL the minimum level for questing is 50, so if you aren't that you have to go back and do a bunch of quests, which is what happened to my friend.