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I hate myself right now

Feb 24, 2009
This sale made me break my promise of never buying anything from the crowns shop
Thanks KI

Jun 10, 2012
LOL! That happens to me all the time!!! I am trying not to buy the black cat pet right now, but it is just so cute...


Dec 18, 2009
Try saving up your gold and buying things that way. I have never used crowns in my life and instead save up gold to get things from the crown shop. Also, when you fight Malistaire, there is a slim chance that you get a lightening cat pet. Maybe something to think about when you say no to that black cat in the crown's shop that you're looking at

May 21, 2011
Haha :) I bought the Nightmare pet last year, and I have NOT regretted my purchase. After hatching and training for the past year he's given me 11% resistance, spritely, unicorn, and a fire blade which is helpful on my Fire wizard.

Jan 27, 2010
I know it's hard but don't give in it's really rewarding to earn gold I actually just earned 85,000 in gold to buy a permanent mount from the crowns shop and am now working on a house but in all honesty most of the game cost crowns which along with a membership a lot of people can't even afford i know that KI needs money to keep the game running but it's getting pretty ridiculous really.

Jul 09, 2013
Rony The Turtle on Sep 24, 2013 wrote:
This sale made me break my promise of never buying anything from the crowns shop
Thanks KI
Just try to save up gold and get pets from bosses and quests.

Also, halloween lets you get a very good pet and pets do not give many cards at baby so try a pet dragon for possible gargantuan.

Just a suggestion.

Laura Sunblossom level 17 secondary school