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How do we open up silver chests?

Apr 27, 2012
I have NEVER, EVER been able to solve these. How do we solve this puzzle? Please be as specific as possible.

Aug 20, 2011
Your goal is to create a direct line to carry an electrical charge from the Stormzilla (left of the puzzle) to the lock (right of the puzzle). After time runs out or you press the spacebar, the game ends and the Stormzilla sends out a spark. You have to make the current zap the tube that goes to the lock. Note, the goal on the right side is not always the same, sometimes it is set very high on the puzzle, sometimes it is low.

You have various pieces of circuitry at your disposal:
  • Straight wires (sends current to the next block),
  • narrow wires (speeds current up),
  • crooked wires (slows current down),
  • angled wires (allows you to shift the current vertically or horizontally),
  • cut wires (not useful),
  • X blocks (not useful)

You move pieces by swapping them. Click one, then click another, and you see that your selections switch places. You can swap out wires selectively to create a power line straight from the Stormzilla to the lock.

  1. You don't know what the pieces are going to be when the game starts, so your first moves should be uncovering pieces so you can get a feel for the board. After you know what the pieces are, you can start swapping them.

  2. Collect horizontal wires (it doesn't matter what kind if you just want to win) and line them up from the left to the right.

  3. Next, locate angled/corner wires and vertical wires. If your goal is higher than the middle of the puzzle, you need a left-to-top angle and a bottom-to-right angle wire. If the goal os lower than the middle of the puzzle, you need a left-to-bottom wire and a top-to-right angle wire. Use these to line your wire up with the goal.
Remember, just reaching the other side of the puzzle isn't enough. You have to make the current zap the tube that goes to the lock.

After a few tries, you can do this quite fast and incorporate narrow wires to speed the game up and hit spacebar to end the game early.

Jan 27, 2012
you have to connect the end with the egg to the other notch thing. when you click on a card, it flips to a picture of a pipe. the spark goes through the pipe once the timer runs out. get the spark to the other side to win. if you click on two pipes, the switch places. do this to make a continueous pipe that connects to both ends.

May 11, 2012
There is an entry (starting point) on the left side of the board and an exit (ending point) on the right side of the board. You have to click on the tiles on the board to reveal different types of pipes (each kind does something different) and connect the pipes to create a pipeline from the starting point to the ending point before the time runs out (you will see the timer on the bottom left of the screen). When the timer goes into the red, time runs out and the animal under the "glass" is released and travels through the pipes. If he has a clear path from start to end, you win the game. If he doesn't have a clear path, you lose. Each pipe will either create a straight line through the square it is in (the ones with the thinner bend in the middle speed up the travelling time through the path of that square) or will be a elbow-bend pipe, which you will have to use sometimes if the path across the board isn't in a straight line. You can also uncover a square with a big red X in it. I NEVER use them; I think they are like a dead end, but I may be wrong. You don't have to use all of the squares in the game, only use what you need to make a clear path from start to end.

I have every confidence that once you get the hang of it, you will never have trouble with them again, and constantly win the prize at the end.

Good luck!
Autumn FairyDreamer Level 79

Jul 13, 2013
In order to open them you just fix the pipes so they go to the opposite end in the designated area. Click on one and then click on another, anywhere on the board, and you can switch it. They are actually pretty easy and I don't know how to "Be specific," but, yeah. I hope this helped.
-Mryna Dragoncloud, level 49 and sooo close to being .

Aug 16, 2010
I am able to easily open these every time. All you have to do is uncover every space as quickly as possible and the look for the horizontal (and sometimes vertical, depending on how it spawns) peices that guide the charge to the lock. the turns may be hard to find but if you uncover the spaces quickly enough you should have enough time to find them. Hope this helps!

Sep 09, 2008
Mar 13, 2014
Silver chests go through several stages.

1) cool, a new treasure chest type, lets open it
2) good grief these things are impossible
3) ok, I can solve them now, let the goodies roll in
4) ok, I solve them every try, but why should I bother
5) oh, wait, they give spiffy reagents now

There are probably additional stages, my wizards have only reached Zafaria so far.

Be warned: silver chests are not as hard as they may originally seem. But few people really consider them worth the time, you are typically better off to ignore them and use your time questing.