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How can I trust someone?

Jan 14, 2013
The other day someone asked me to be their friend. I didn't want to be rude so I accepted.
Only 4 minutes later someone with the same last name who was on level 2 asked me as well.
At the time, I didn't notice until the person wanted me to go to their house, which was one of those castles.
When I went there I saw the same level 2 person with them. Which MAY have been coincidental...
They wanted me to go into this dungeon so I waited but before the 2 flashed on the screen both of them disapered.
Then they came back out of nowhere and motioned me to go in I didn't trust them after this because

A: S/he was younger than me because they didn't have chat enabled

B: They seemed really eager for me to go in

I don't think I remember their names though. It also seemed sketchy because they had the other level 2 account to seemingly make me trust them. Have you ever had someone invite you to their house RIGHT after you accept a friend request? This person also had amazing equipment which I thought was from the crown shop and I didn't think the crown shop had that stuff so I checked and I was right.

Why would someone below level 14 have such good equipment yet, it isn't from the crown shop?
Is stuff for wizards below level 14 really that good?
Do castles have dungeons? I don't own one.
How can I know to trust someone?

May 22, 2009
It sounds as if you encountered someone running two accounts. I do that at times. I would say they wanted your help with the winterbane gauntlet, which is the possible reason they sent you a friend request.

As for a level 14 having such equipment...they may have passed good equipment through their shared bank from higher level wizards. There is also a lot of retired equipment long time players have that can no longer be obtained by newer players. They equipment may also have been from a hoard pack or a bundle.

I would say the person you encountered was not malicious, just eager to have help in their new dungeon.

Jul 30, 2012
- Lots of players have accounts with a mixture of high level and low level wizards. You can shared-bank most stuff between wizards on the same account.

- Many players have multiple accounts, allowing multiple characters to be played from the same household simultaneuosly. I often play with my you daughter on two computers, sitting at the same table.

- I am not aware of any malicous or potentialy dangerous content within the game. Other players can not capture, damage, or steal stuff from your wizard. All items within the game are created by the KingsIsle developers. I am not aware of any 3rd party or hacked-in game components. Wizard101 is a "closed" environment, meaning other people can't add game content.

- The only bad things other players can do to your wizard is insult, annoy, bully, or try to charm stuff from you. There are tricksters who try to convince players things that aren't true.

- Some houses/castles have spooky dungeon looking entrances. They are just doors into their house.

- Some people purchase optional "dungeons" that you can place in your castle grounds. The two I am aware of is Pagoda and Winterbane. Unlike normal doors into a house or castle, you enter these by standing on the sigil and pressing X. Just like dungeons in the regular game.

~ RottenHeart

Jul 28, 2011
Idk sbout the gear, It may have been from a bundle.

As for the dungeon, they must have had Pagoda or Winterbane. And they probably needed your help with it

Sep 09, 2011
Hi there.

Well as long they dont ask you personal questions numbers, addreses or crowns you are safe.
I guess they wanted lower lvl to enter with them in dungeon to reduce creatures attack, health
those stuff they wanted you to help them with that dungeon.
I guess that gear was meant to survive in dungeon you can do same if you are below 14 lvl.

Castles dont have dungeons they come in special bundle as extra piece when you buy
prepaid cards. New prepaid cards have come to spiral before few days thats popular cause
if you get lucky you have chance to get cute dragon pet :)

Michael BlueBright, Myth Conjurer, level 90, Technomancer
" Happy Learning and let the force be with you young lady "

Mar 12, 2013
There are two gift cards that give the redeemer a housing object that acts like a dungeon tower:




These are multi tier dungeons, meaning that the difficulty level of the dungeon is set at a tier appropriate to the average level of all wizards going into them at one time.

They can be really hard depending on the players' levels going in, so it's worth having 4 people go in together if possible.

This is why a lot of people who have these in their homes will invite random strangers to come play at their house.

You don't lose anything by going in with them, except maybe time.

As for items, it's possible the items they had in their castle were drops from various bosses. They may have a high lvl wizard on the account that's collected a lot of stuff.

There's also lots of additional items you can open in packs, that aren't sold individually in the crown shop.

The player may have been legit and just running pagoda on two accounts to fill out the team. He or she may have been playing for years, and have collected a lot of unique housing items in one place.

Long story short, if your intuition tells you something isn't right, you have the right to politely decline and port away or change realms. But being asked to help with Pagoda seems okay and you might get a good drop like a rare pet or a piece of gear. As long as they aren't asking you for anything in return, e.g. gift them packs, buy them things, give your password or account info, etc.

Jul 05, 2010
first i would like to say that sounds ultra sketchy and i am a high level wiz but i have never seen or heard somthing like that. maybe they are new and eager to show people what they have, but again i have never heard of that sort of thing at a low level. If they didnt have text chat then there is a 50-50 chance they have good intentions. and they maybe they want your help in the pagoda or winterbane (the dungeon at there house). and i bet they got there armor from a bundle pack but there are adults on wizard101 so please be careful on who you accept as a friend and dont give away any important info.

Jul 15, 2012
I don't really know what you think someone can do to you in their castle...

The gear could have been from PVP, as I think the gear you can get from that should be alright. Otherwise I'm pretty sure you don't start getting the really good stuff until around level fifty.

Dungeons can be bought. There is the winterbane and the pagoda which are both obtained from bundles bought in store. Pagoda comes from Walmart, and I'm not sure about winterbane as I don't have it.

I think it's pretty common to take a lower level wizard in with you to make the bosses easier to defeat. You take a high level to hit and a low level to make the bosses have lower health. I've been roped into a situation like that, and I got a few nice pets from the Pagoda doing it. :)

If you really felt uncomfortable though, I highly suggest using the ignore button and porting away from the situation.

The fact of the matter is, you can't really trust anyone you only know online, so it can be tricky to know who is okay and who isn't. I've met very untrustworthy people, people I thought I could trust (but now will never trust again), and people I still trust. It's a matter of confidence. If you give them a chance and they prove untrustworthy, then it is up to you to decide what to do.

My best in game friends I know from Central, though you still can't trust everyone.
Not everyone is a liar or out to get you though, so you should always be careful but remember to still have fun!

Jun 13, 2009
Why would someone below level 14 have such good equipment yet, it isn't from the crown shop?
Could be the crown shop..or they farm for the good gear.

Is stuff for wizards below level 14 really that good?
Some of the gear could be..mainly the pvp gear

Do castles have dungeons?
some of the bundles you can get, come with dungeons XD