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high boss gold

Dec 24, 2009
What area of the spiral or boss of the spiral gives the best drops to sell for gold at the bazaar or the shopping district? :P

Feb 14, 2009
the stronger the world/ part of the world, the less people there, less people there means less items sold at bazaar from there, meaning more gold 4 u. that and ds stuff normally sells 300/+ for stuff that wc sells for 5

Dec 17, 2008
The Raven Coven at the End of Ravenscar, end of Grizzleheim wins this contest hands down. You can make 2k gold per fight, and if you're experienced with a good team, a fight can take less than 5 minutes. You just got to know how to kill them fast.

Jul 04, 2009
The population of a realm has no bearing on prices at the bazaar. The one bazaar spans all the realms, so that what is being sold in Ambrose shows up for you to buy in Imp.

The prices at the bazaar, whether selling or buying, is based upon the quantity of the particular item at the bazaar. If you are selling something that the bazaar already has 75+ of, your selling price is going to be lower than what you would get from a vendor. Consequently, if there is only 10- of the item already there, you selling price will be much higher.

The same goes for buying something from the bazaar. The more there is of that item at the bazaar, the lower the price will be to buy it.