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Help me in Sunken City

Aug 05, 2009
Well, i just entered Sunken City for the first time, and it was extremely hard! And the time required to complete it killer too! So, i was wondering if anybody would come to Sunken City with me to give me a hand. I am currently a level 12 theurgist and i have these spells in my deck: Imp (2) Legend Shield (2) leprechaun (2) Nature's Wrath (2) Fairy (2) Sprite (2) Unicorn (2) Banshee (2) Dream Shield (2) Ghoul (2). I also have Life Prism, Minor Blessing, and Dark Sprite on my sideboard. If you have an suggestions on how i can improve my deck, please let me know! I have One (1) of all of the following treasure cards: Ghost Touch, Imp, Pixie, Fire Shield, Troll, Draw Health, Subdue, Time of legend, Cyclops, Storm Shield, Keen Eye. I have 500 Crowns to spend if needed. Thanks to all suggestions!

If you are looking to help me in the dungeon, here is some more information. I will be waiting at The entrance to Sunken City in Nightside. I will be on realm Scarecrow in Area 1. I have 891 health and 141 mana.

Dec 31, 2008
Well I can help ya if you want its really embarrasing because I am a level 45 (46?) Pyromancer and STILL havent completed that quest. Its really annoying because I usually try to solo stuff but can't. I have tried Sunken City around four times, my first try i died cause tried to solo it. Second i went with a life friend of mine we were fighting Grubb now I killed him but died after because of his minions. My friend couldn't heal me at that time so i was forced to flee then come back and when i finished it i didn't complete the WHOLE quest!!!!!!!!!

third time: I tried when level around 30 try to solo if easyier but died yet again :(

last time: did with a friend we were on the second boss but i had to leave for my piano practice :(

it so unfair!!!!!! anyway yah i'll see if i could meet you I'll be looking!

~Blaze DragonFlame, Level 45 (46?) Pyromancer in DS

PS: I have around 1,800 HP and 300 something mana my pet is a dire ghoul his name is shadow :)