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Greatest Wizard 101 Moments

Jul 17, 2014
What if you had a sirens but only one in your spell deck and need the finishing blow on a player
The enemy player uses 2 smokescreens and you use one accurate on that sirens that means you only have 5% accuracy
and the sirens work

What great moments have you had

Oct 26, 2013
For me it was defeating krocropatra may Sean dime but because I spent all my crowns on packs and not areas it took me 3 months

Oct 20, 2011
my greatest was probobly when i first beat wizard city and got to krockatopia because i was so ecsited for a world i had not explored

Jun 07, 2009
Mine would probably be soloing the Jade Oni without a minion or henchmen.

Jan 21, 2014
Hahaha, good topic!

Mine was the time that i was fighting in pvp (1v1) a lvl 40 ice and i was a lvl 26 back then, he had around 500 and i had 200, when he was gonna attack he fizzled and i used a seraph, i didin't notice over all the stacked storm and fire shields that he had a life trap on him and i had a blade, so i defeated him with! i was so surprised and he raged so much, but he did not offend me, and he loged out

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 34