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Good 2nd school?

Aug 11, 2009
Whats a good 2nd school for a life character? I'm always playing with my husband and he's storm but he is also not sure what to go as his 2nd class either. We just want to be able to stay alive but dish out good enough damage also. So what would a good idea for both of us to have as our second classes?

Apr 08, 2009
For a life wizard, I think death would be a good secondary.

For storm, Myth would be a good secondary

Nov 05, 2011
My main school is Myth and originally I had trained all of the life spells as a second school. Then the lunar spells (I loved the idea, but you lose all your resist when you switch) and star spells, but because I played solo mostly it wasn't working for me and I wanted to start PVP so I painfully bought back my training points and relearned. I love my new set-up for the higher worlds it is very diverse and gives me many many shields which when the bad guys in the higher worlds start with 5 power pips is essential to survival.

I don't have a second school persay.

I mixed and matched my training. I trained ice to tower shield which is so valuable! It also gives you the fire and storm shield. I trained death to feint which really really boosts damage and gives a life and myth shield. I trained balance to weakness (although that is more for PVP) I trained fire to the double shields storm and ice shields. I actually didn't learn any life spells I just use tcs I buy at bazaar that way I can always find them when I need then.

I trained the spirit blades and traps from Niles. I learned reshuffle and a few of the dispels from Mildred. (More for PVP again). Stun block from Diego.

Then for the astral spells. I learned the sun spells to colossal, sharpen, and potent trap. I also learned reliquary in the star school.

And I still have a few training points but I am hesitant to spend them.

So it really just depends, if you always play as a team then your husband doesn't need any healing spells which is nice! Everyone has a different playing style so if you want to be more defensive and healing I would train a lot to the shields to protect your husband and extra blades to help him boost like the elemental ones from Niles. Your husband may want to pick another damage school and the learn boosting spells like blades fortify etc. It also depends if you are planning on trying PVP some spells are more useful for PVP than the main storyline.

Calamity PixieShade, level 90

Aug 11, 2009
We are always playing as a team. We dont play the characters without the other being on. So I should go with a mix and match thing? Because I'm more about keeping him alive then anything else and we don't pvp. Thanks again