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Goliath Mag'lor in the Black Palace

Dec 21, 2010
The game would only let me in solo. Could battle the cultists by myself, no problem. Then I meet up with the boss and 3 henchmen (solo). (That is four on one) I can't invite anyone in to help me. And yes i paid for the stupid henchmen. They were worthless and got themselves killed as fast as I bought them. So, KI or anyone how do I beat the thing and continue the story line. I need to be able to TP other players in with me. Oh help. If KI doesn't fix this, i will be forced to quit the game. No storyline, no game play!!!

Aug 26, 2011
here's what I did:

Turn 1: Ice prism on maglor (I'm an ice wizard)
Turn 2: Use garganutan on frost giant, cast 45% ice blade from gear
Turn 3: cast 40% iceblade
Turn 4: cast Frost Giant -- minions all dead

After that, its pretty manageable fight. Proper deck design is key.

Dec 21, 2010
Okay I found another player, who had done the Black Palace before. I changed my deck to accommodate all attack enemy spells (sandstorm, power nova and Ra - Ya, I'm Balance). Attacked the henchmen first for both bosses. Then went for the Boss. Yes, both battles were long and tedious, but my friend helped me through it. And yes, I would recommend henchmen. I used Level 40 Storm and Life. So, I wined a little, but these tough battles can be done with a little patience, ingenuity and friendship!

Jul 13, 2009
I agree! This battle needs to be easier! I have the same problem right now, and I don't want to buy crowns for henchmen. I've tried every solo technique I've ever used, and this is the only one that has had every single one fail.